Nick Lomax wins Pony Cup 2015

The RAD people once again put together an incredible weekend for the last Pony Cup contest, and USD pro Nick Lomax didn’t take the trip up to Denmark for nothing as he came out victorious (and exhausted) from a long battle with Stéphane Alfano who ended up taking second place. Young ripper Theodor Reumert got third and got awarded the Danish champion title, ending Jacob Juul‘s reign (4th place), while Friederike Reisch and Felix Fälling respectively won the girl and junior category! All in all, another amazing time in Nyköbing, so stay tuned for our full photo report!

1. Felix Fälling (DK) + Blackjack Up-and-comer of the day
2. Nikolaj Kjeldgaard (DK)
3. Rune Juul Rasmussen (DK)

1. Friederike Reisch (GER)
2. Assia Zaharieva (GER)
3. Bibiche Klasse (NL)

1. Nick Lomax – 1000€ (UK)
2. Stefan Alfano (FR)
3. Theodor Reumert (DK) + Maté Maté Denmark Champion

Check out the full results on the RAD site:
Follow their page for more updates:

Pony Cup

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