NASS Festival 2015: Guy Millership Edit

You have seen the NASS pictures, watched the raw footage of the final runs, and the overall higlights of the three main blade competitions of this year’s edition of the festival… Well, here is one more delivery, focused on the overall blade sessions that took place all over the weekend, and brought to you by Guy Millership: watch it now, and if you are anywhere around the UK, make sure to come join the party next year!

Another year, another graveyard shift at Nass for the rollerbladers. Getting people out to blade for 9am is a tough task on your average Saturday, let alone at a festival! That being said, everyone managed to drag themselves from their not so comfortable beds to shred the course and put on a show at one of the few blading events that is on display to more than just the blading community itself. Thanks to Kingdom for organising another cracker, till next year.– Guy Millership

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