Article by Sam Crofts @Sam_crafty
Photos by David Holbrook @Dhoobrookphoto
Event by Blake Bird and Jamie Harris @Birdseyevi3w @J.P_Harris @Capital_rollas
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August 31st brought the return of the Capital Rollas’ summer street jam. Back again for its third edition, organised once again by Jamie Harris and Blake Bird. This year’s event ‘Capital Trash’ was held at the Hackney Wick trash park, under the A12 in East London.

With over 120 bladers in attendance, the sessions were kicking off from the get go. Skaters from across the country descended upon East London to make their mark on the gully obstacles.

Aaron Turner was quick to set the bar at spot one; hitting the big wallride and landing clean lines across the park. The madman Dan Jurzyna got the crowd moving with inverted monkey plants up the extension followed by a flair off what can only be described as ‘a lump of concrete’. James Bower persevered and laced one of the most creative tricks of the day, coming truspin/ally-oop out the quarterpipe against the wall to a vertical Makio back down one of the cracks into the little bank at the bottom.

Spot one closed with the ‘Sam Crofts Rail Battle’, a free-for-all battle to win a set of the new Crofts’ Aeons. Dan Collins swiftly claimed himself a new setup, with Nico Salaman and Rob Dalton nipping closely at his heels.

Classically, the English weather looked like it was going to take a turn for the worse, so spot 2 got underway. A highly modified ping pong table and the ancient relic that is the old roadrunner skatepark grindbox formed part of the setup. That box has been sessioned by the likes of Jason Odi, Charlie Lockyer and Blake Bird for almost 25 years! Some serious history behind this piece of park paraphernalia!

The mad Polish-Scotsman came running straight out the gates, sending his trademark misty flip over the table to flat. It was followed up with one of the cleanest disaster ally-oop topsouls that this city’s seen in sometime! Dan Collins was chasing him up with calculated switch ups and creative use of the hazards a trash park presents, utilising these into his tricks. Matty Vella and Alex Burston were both steezy as ever, flowing around the course with back to back lines (what is in that water up north?!) Local legend Jack Swindells was in the house and scooped up the best trick with a flawless 450 backslide 360 out on the ping pong box.

It was clear to see and no mistake could be made, Aaron turner was cleaning up. Technical lines, full use of the course, consistent bangers, and a massive 900 to flat? Pay the man!

The London Trash 2019 Contest winners

As the day drew to a close, the contest was ended with prize giving and the ever-popular raffle. A big thanks goes out to all the competitors for putting on the show as well as the organisers Jamie Harris and Blake Bird who both worked tirelessly in the build-up to the event, speaking to sponsors, sourcing materials and ensuring a well-built arena for this non-profit event. The duo would like to thank James Bower for his carpentry skills, myself for helping nicking the wood and Sharman for filming and fetching beers. We also want to give a massive thanks to all the sponsors for their donated prizes.

The next event up is the Capital Rolla’s Christmas Jam, we’ll see you then! Keep your eyes peeled for Capital Rolla’s merch available soon.


1.Aaron Turner

2.Dan Collins

3.Danial Jurzyna

Best trick: Jack Swindells

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