The Trigger Skates company made one hell of an addition of stunt-blading pioneer Jeff Dalnas to their pro team. And to kick off his new place on the team, Jeff has just released an epic pro team introduction video which was filmed during the of summer 2020 with assistance by Paul Yacovone, Matt Razz, Jimmy Gill, Eric Dalnas and Brian Campbell with motion graphics provided by Kevin LeBron and Matt Razz.

The video shows Jeff getting creative with some very sweet double-rail grinds, the negative fish + fishbrain on the wall rail will definitely be one that leaves you with your jaw on the floor! And no Jeff Dalnas edit would be right without some gnarly kink rails to show the years of life-risking, stunt blading haven’t slowed down Jeff in the least.

So peep the new video and congratulate Jeff on his addition to the Trigger Skates pro team!

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