Ilia Savosin, the Clown Prince of Rollerblading, has returned with his most ambitious video project to date. Ilia has always been known for his odd-ball blading antics, and to promote his new Roces HEAT‘ signature M12 skates, he created a short blading film that is expected to be a huge hit among the core blading community as well as the casual viewers. This video features a side-splitting plot, massively impressive stunts, and professional videography and production values. Ilia, who is always industrious, had this to say about the creation of this project.

All summer we worked with the FERMA production team to create this video. A lot of energy, effort, resources, and monetary investments were invested in this project, according to my calculations, more than $2000, excluding camera work.

This year I decided to move away from the concept of shooting endless tricks that are incomprehensible to the common man with fisheye. A short film with a plot and meaning awaits you! I don’t think anyone has done anything like this before and I really hope you enjoy this movie. Thanks to all our friends, family and colleagues who helped implement this project, you all did a great job. I also want to ask you to show maximum support and distribute the new video! This is a great moment to bring our industry to the masses and show the world once again that aggressive inline skating are stylish and fashionable!

Ilia Savosin

So peep Ilia’s hard work and be sure to pick up a pair of his newest Roces ‘HEAT‘ signature M12 skates which should be headed to skate shops worldwide soon!

DIRECTED BY: Vova Vladimirov PRODUCED: Ilia Savosin Vova Vladimirov DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Pasha Rezakov ADDITIONAL FILMING: Misha Mirskih, Dima Kvasov, Egor Nikolaev, Sema Alekseev, Laura Akhalaia