Bobi Spassov & Ilia Savosin have just dropped their newest split-VOD “In & Out” for Inferno Skate & the hype behind the project is REAL! Although we missed seeing the live premiere at Winterclash, we heard nothing but the highest praise for the new project, & the positive reviews were more than warranted. “In & Out” features full profiles of both Bobi & Ilia & also a noteworthy appearance from the very talented Ukrainian prodigy Kate Bedrata. The VOD highlights the trio shredding the craziest obstacles that the streets of Israel, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Poland, and Latvia have to offer.

In an age when our attention spans are at their shortest, video releases have a very short window of interaction with the viewers & are seemingly forgotten about. In turn, VOD releases by our best professionals have sadly become less frequent for the blading community, but that doesn’t take away from the importance of pro skaters taking their time & releasing their best works in a video-on-demand format, where they can actually make a fairly decent return on the investment they have made into their video equipment, their travel expenses & God-forbid, possibly be able to pay these professionals a comfortable wage that they could even live off of! Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Now to speak honestly about the level of skating & the cinematography within “In & Out“. The VOD was masterfully edited by Bobi Spassov himself & was filmed primarily by the capable hands of Eryk Pilch, Omri Baum, Nils Jansons, Martim Teixeira, Rodrigo Teixeira, & Ilia Savosin, who all have years of experience under their belts & ensures that the videography is as on-point as the skating is. And now, let me delve into the skating portion of the video!

The VOD starts out with a montage of appearances from close friends such as Omri Baum, Zack Pollak and Kate Bedrata, who all have impressive & memorable tricks that sets the stage perfectly for the main courses that are the Ilia & Bobi profiles. Ilia’s profile was shot in a short window of twelve days while he visited Tel-Aviv Israel. Although Ilia had less than two weeks to film his section, it is nothing short of bonkers! The Clown Prince of Blading shows once again why he is one of the world’s most appealing bladers currently with a hard-hitting profile filled with rocket misty flips that would make Montre proud, as well as extremely technical spins to grinds on some pretty beefy down-stair rails, all done with tons of personality & charisma. It is also worth noting that Ilia skated the majority of his profile in a fire-engine red ushanka hat that matches the Russian’s colorful personality perfectly.

Now onto the highly anticipated Bobi Spassov profile. Bobi is widely regarded as one of the most influential bladers to have emerged within the last decade. His creativity & unique take on trick vocabulary have inspired bladers from all over the world & it is hard to watch any current video releases without seeing a little bit of Bobi’s impact to trick progression. The Roces professional has stepped his game up tremendously over the last few years & it is apparent that Bobi saved his best content for his “In & Out” profile, as it is inarguably his greatest profile to date, & is in conversation to be one of the best profiles to be released within the last decade. Yes, it is THAT good! Show some love to Bobi & Ilia & all their hard work & purchase the new VOD at !

Shot by: Eryk Pilch, Omri Baum, Nils Jansons, Martim Teixeira, Rodrigo Teixeira, & Ilia Savosin. Additional camera: Ben Rifken, Patryk Pilch, Martin Jansons, Ricardo Lino, Costas Gounaris, Daniel Deitch, Michael Prado, Isac Martinez, & Dexter Dex. Cut by: Bobi Spassov Photography by: Eryk Pilch, Shira Darf, Ieva Jansone, & Nikos Jaratzounis.