The blading resurgence is in full swing and with all of the rejuvenated energy flying around there also comes with it some incredible new products from some of blading’s longest running and most dedicated brands as well as new brands that are creating ground breaking products to fit all of your blading desires.

So we have decided to highlight some of our industry’s hot new items in our newest feature “Nuts and Bolts”. We will be summarizing the latest products within the blading world and give you a quick and easily digestible source to view the freshest products from all corners of the blading world from the last few weeks.

Them Skates has introduced a couple of new signature models for two very deserving skaters in Marius Gaile & Patrick Ridder. The pair chose Them’s popular 909 model with some unique colorways and also feature some new improvements from their previous models, such as a new soul plate design which sports a wider positive and negative area with thickened interior walls for more durability and new soul plate hardware which makes for easier customization.



Marius Gaile & Patrick Ridder skate features:

-UFS street skating frame, designed by Kyle Sola and Jon Julio.

-Low h-block position, designed for use with flat or anti-rocker wheel setups.

-Durable, low-friction material, made from injection-mold glass-filled nylon.

-Precision-milled aluminum frame spacers.

-Custom-made steel axles, with asymmetric head – only needs one tool to tighten or loosen.

-Low riding height – 30mm from top of frame to middle of axles.

-Dimensions: Two wheelbase lengths – 250mm or 270mm wheelbase. Fits up-to 58mm wheels for flat-rocker setups. 110mm distance between middle wheels.

Featuring our new V.3 wider soul plate :
A. Thickened interior walls for longer lasting.
B. For easier customization, new “bridge soul plate hardware” is included.
C. Wider outer and and negative space area.

Them skates also pays a sizeable royalty program of $25-$30 per pair sold vs. their previous royalty plan of $10-$15. That means Pat and Marius can make up to $40,000 when their skate sells out!

Them also released a sneak peak of their new big wheeled Them 80s which are set to release in the spring of this year. From what info we have gathered is that the skates feature a unique one piece soulplate/frame, which was designed by Kyle Sola and Jon Julio. More information on these awesome new blades will be posted as it becomes available.

On top of the incredible new skates that have dropped, Them has also released some incredible soft goods such as new pants with reinforced knees for extra durability, as well as some tees and hoodies designed by Parker Richardson and Ralf Resuk.

Double Knee x Waxed Canvas pants

216 East 4th St. by Resuk


Creature tee designed by Parker Richardson

Pendulum tee designed by Parker Richardson

Them Skates was sadly a victim of vandalism at their newest store front recently but when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!! (or paint that sh*t gold!) To flip the unfortunate circumstances into a positive move, Them has introduced their newest Shattered Glass tees, sweatshirts and ski-masks! So sorry vandals, but you can’t kill the Them vibe!

Shattered Glass tee
Shattered Glass longsleeve

Them has also dipped into the print magazine space with their very first “Them Journal” which was limited to 300 magazines and published and produced by Them Goods. Art direction , design, and editing were handled by the always impressive Mike McMullen with contributing photography by Christian Delfino, Brandon Smith, Ivan Narez, Felix Strosetski , Mike Simpson, Benvenuto Giovanni and Adam Kola. You can pick up a copy at the Them Skates in store locations and on


The Razors Skate Company has been busy lately with some awesome new skate releases in some of their tried and true skate models. The first ones we will cover are from their popular SL line, which is the only boot on the market with a completely baseless design, which delivers increased contact with grinds, a lower center of gravity and a drop in overall weight. To satisfy their devoted fan-base Razors has released both a graphite colorway and a highly anticipated re-release of their SL Red model.

One great thing about the Razors SL skates are that they are fully replaceable, from the cuff-to the buckle-to each piece of the soul frame, including Razors’ patented backslide plate. Razors has also made some noteworthy improvements to their stock liners, which include a new higher tongue which allows more precise fit options with half sizes 7 ½ , 9 ½ & 10 ½.

Razors SL features:

– Classic Razors cuff & buckle

– ABEC 5 bearings

– SL souls and backslides

– Ground Control FLT3 frames

– GC 57mm LITE Wheels

– Reformed SL liner

Razors SL Red re-issue

Razors has also dropped a new Shift skate model in a eye-catching camouflage color combo, titled the Shift Camo. The hallmark feature for the Shift is their Instant Frame Change system. The base is a two part system, the soul and the slider. By pressing the two IFC buttons, you can remove the slider and then the soul plate. Because the frames mount to the soul plate using UFS, this means you can get another set of soul plates and change your frames without having to get to the UFS bolts. This is an incredibly innovative design that could allow you to switch out from an aggressive setup to a big wheeled setup with just a few simple clicks.

Razors Shift Camo features:

– Classic Razors cuff & buckle

– Upgrade aluminum buckle

– Black/moss colored hockey style laces

– ABEC 9 bearings

– IFC Shift soul plates

– GC Moss FLT4 Frames with black H-block

– Flat setup with (8) 60mm/90A GM CM Bullet Wheels

– New Reign Camo V3 Liner

US Sizes 6-13, including 10.5

Razors Shift Camo

Razors has also kept the youngsters in mind and released an updated version of their popular Genesys Jr models. With a patented, proven adjustment design and 8 or 4 wheel options, the Genesys Jr is the premiere junior skate on the market. Features such as a liner with articulated ankle shape, sturdy Ground Control frames, and fully replaceable soul/backslide, make sure these skates hold up to the toughest beatings the little rippers can dish out.

To make sure that the fun doesn’t stop when your feet grow, Razors’ solution is to make the skate adjustable from size 3 to 6 without compromising on sturdiness or performance: the skate consists of 2 boot shells that are attached to a soul frame platform and can be adjusted to the front AND back. This creates a sturdy connection and makes sure the balance of the skater will not be changed when the size is being adjusted.

Razors also offers the Gen Jr in both 4 or 8 wheel setups. 8 down with 56mm wheels and the user will experience faster speeds, more maneuverability and a smoother riding experience. Or try em anti-rocker with 42mm plastic grind wheels to increase the H-block area and increase the skater’s ability to grind almost any obstacle.

Razors Genesys Jr.

Razors Genesys Jr features:

– Plush liner with articulated ankle shape and heel support

– Razors buckle

-56 mm wheels (on Flat& Anti)

– Adjustable sizing from size 3-6

– Replaceable, sturdy soul frame platform

– Replaceable backslide plate

– Shock absorbing heel pad

– UFS Ground Control Frame

– 4 position wheel rockering

– 6mm axles

– ABEC 3 Bearings

Razors Cult Black

There are few things better looking than a classic black Razors Cult shell and thankfully Razors has released a new version cleverly dubbed the Cult Black– which is a black boot with just a touch of black, charcoal & white accents. Built around its trusted boot shell, the Cult offers a solid platform for beginner to advanced skaters, right out of the box. Fully customizable from the buckle and cuffs down to the frame and wheels. If you are looking for a solid price point skate that will be the most likely give you the best bang for your buck, it is hard to go wrong with a Razors Cult skate.

Razors Cult Black features:

– Black Cult Shell with black-charcoal frames/soulframes

– Replaceable soul Frame & backslide plates

– Replaceable cuff with ‘buckle stash’

– Charcoal Ground Control FLT3 Frames (UFS Compatible)

– 57mm/92A GC Lite Wheels

– Abec5 Bearings

– Cult Liner

US Shell Sizing:

– Size 1 – 6/7 (Width: 93mm / Length: 267mm • Size 2 – 8/9 (Width: 96mm / Length: 286mm) • Size 3 – 10/11 (Width: 99mm / Length: 299mm) • Size 4 – 12/13 (Width: 102mm / Length: 310mm)


Roces Ilia Savosin pro model

The Italian skate company Roces has introduced a couple of brightly colored skate models, one of which is the first aggressive model for one of the blade game’s most exciting young skaters, of course we are talking about the incomparable Ilia Savosin! Roces Team Manager Martina Margiotta had this to say about Ilia’s new model:

On 20th May, I’ve received a mood board from Ilia Savosin for this skate; the rest is history. It’s with so much joy that today we announce Ilia as a pro team member. We knew he would have a spot on the pro team almost immediately; his indisputable talent goes along with incredible professionalism that never stops to amaze me. I’m thrilled and honored to be working with such a determined, creative, and thoughtful mind. I’m also thrilled to be working together today at what I wish will be a long and successful career. Also, a huge thanks to the Russian crew that kept the secret and shot a masterpiece of a promo.

Martina Margiotta- Roces Team Manager

Roces Ilia Savosin skate features:

– Shell and cuff: Bimaterial, Hard PU for excellent support and durability and soft PU for wraparound fastening)

– Closure: Aluminium Memory Buckle, Laces

– Boot: Comfort liner, Memory Foam, Heel Lock)

– Footbed: Dual shock absorber footbed))

– Frame: Glass Fiber Reinforced polyamide 2 pieces soulplates)

– Wheels: 2 wheels 60mm 92A HQ compound wheels + 2 central grinding wheels

– Bearings: ABEC 5

– Spacers: Aluminium

– Rocker washer: Aluminium

– Axels: Hot Rod S

Roces Malva M12 skate

Roces has been listening to the cries from the market about lack of color within inline skate design and has taken that feedback to heart and thankfully have been releasing several new models with brightly colored parts recently and their newest magenta and violet Majestic 12 skate titled the Malva is sure to please many of their colorful supporters.

Roces M12 Malva skate features:

– Bio-based high Grade Polyurethane boot

– Low cuff

– Aluminum memory buckle  

– Recycled liner padding

– Glass fiber reinforced polyamide UFS frame

– Roces 58mm 88A wheels + central grinding wheels  ABEC 5 bearings

– Aluminum spacers with Hot Rod S axles 

Loco Skates has once again collaborated with Roces Skates to offer their newest take on the famous M12 skate. The Roces M12 Loco Blue features the new Revolver 64mm wheels which are a little bigger than you usually expect on a stock Roces skate; allowing the maximum undercarriage space granted by the Roces frame. This time the skate comes with Revolver ABEC 5 bearings and white anti-rocker wheels, keeping the overall price (and the possibility of sticking-up on grinds), low.

Loco worked alongside Roces to create a special-make-up skate in a colorway that can not be purchased anywhere else. The Roces M12 Loco is equally as conscious of price as it is of style, as you would be hard pressed to find a better skate at this price or better build quality and functionality. The Roces M12 boot is loved worldwide for its solid ride while being one of the lightest aggressive skates on the market.

The M12 boot uses a raised heel which spreads your weight equally between the ball and heel of your foot (rather than all impact being absorbed by the heel only). A raised heel skate is preferred by many for putting your foot in a favourable position for topside grinds.


– Roces M12 boot
– Roces liner
– Roces frame – fits wheels up to 65mm
– Revolver 64mm Wheels 
– Revolver ABEC 5 bearings
– Single axle system 6mm bearing spacers for speed and improved load distribution

Roces use the classic high cuff on their more affordable models of skate. Skaters who prefer a lower cuff at the back can easily trim the back of the cuff along the guideline. The included liner is pliable enough to effectively function with a lower modified cuff.

The 4x outer wheels are included separately in the box. Users are required to attach the wheels to the skate using the wheel-bolts and allen-keys provided. The bearings and spacers are pre-installed into the wheels so you just need to pop the wheels in!

Size Tip:

Roces fit small and particularly shallow. We recommend buying a size bigger than your usual shoe size. Removing or replacing the footbed can work well to create more volume/height in the boot if you have a high foot. 


It is a glorious day! USD Skates has FINALLY released the their highly anticipated new Shadow Eugen Enin pro model skates! This Skate comes with several key updates to the previous Shadow models, creating a new take on this classic design, perfect for a modern pro like Eugen.

“To update the timeless Xsjado design for my USD Shadow pro skate we added riveted velcro on the cuff and liner which when combined with the re-released heel shock absorbers creates a perfectly ergonomic foot position whilst eliminating heel lift. The walkable eclipse liner features the new super comfy PU casted tongue and a very durable and stretchable ripstop black mesh as the upper material. This latest model designed for my pro skate has got a new reshaped ankle flap which connects to the toe strap, creating a tighter and more stable fit. We included some additional flex line stitching to ensure flexibility for that area and my name is printed from top to bottom on it. The top strap is made out of a polyester ‘seat belt’ webbing which is super durable and has EE.2 embossed on it. I chose the Shadow 1.0 cuff because I prefer it’s stability. The skate comes with some Fluid 5 Frames and a full flat set up of 60mm 88a USD UHR (Ultra High Rebound) Wheels. So all in all some major updates to the previous USD Shadow models.”

Eugen Enin


BOOTSShell Sizes: XS 38-40, SM 41-42, MD 43-44, LG 45-47
TypeBlade & Walk Exo Skeleton
ConstructionGlass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
LinersUSD & MYFIT Eclipse Liner Walkable Outsole IncludedVelcro and Silicon Lock Function
Heat MoldableNo
ClosuresShadow Micro Adjustable Buckle
Velcro Strap
Standard Lacing
NameKizer Fluid V
MaterialGlass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
LengthSizes 6.0-9.0 (38-42) 9.6″ 245mmSizes 10.0-12.5 (43-47) 10.6″ 268mm
AdjustableNo – UFS shell
Stock Wheel Setup4x60mm
Max Wheel Size61mm
AxlesTwo-Piece 8mm Axles (Item# 800502)
WheelsUSD Pro Enin 60mm 88A
BearingsWicked ABEC9

USD Skates has also released an updated version of their 80mm Aeon model dubbed the A80 or Aeon 80 Team. The A80 combines the speed of 4 x 80mm wheels with one of the most innovative and capable aggressive skates in recent history. An instant classic, you’re going to love hitting the park and hitting the streets in this versatile aggressive skate that provides unmatched speed and performance. The unibody design of the brings the skate low to the ground even while riding 80mm wheels. By combining the boot, frame, and soul plate into a single piece, the USD Aeon 80 Team needs fewer parts, reducing weight while giving you a solid base and excellent power transfer.

The skate comes with a strong, supportive cuff two-way ‘rocker able’ cuff that wraps around your foot for maximum sideways support on grinds and carves while still providing good frontal flex for efficient strides. Skate all day long in the comfortable MyFit Skinny Boy Dual-Fit Liner that gives you good cushioning on landings. Complete with fast 4x80mm UNDERCOVER Raw wheels and WICKED ABEC 9 bearings, there’s a lot to like about the AEON 80 Team. The ideal mix of an aggressive and urban skate, USD Aeon 80 Team gives you all the speed and tools you need to get bigger air, land bigger gaps, grind further, slide longer, and redefine what’s possible on inline skates.


ConstructionGlass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
LinersMyFit 2nd Skin Dual-Fit Liners – Removable
Heat MoldableYes
ClosuresCuff Buckle 
45 Degree Ratchet Buckle 
Standard Lacing
MaterialGlass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Length10.4″ (265mm) Sizes 6.0-8.0 (EU39-42)10.6″ (270mm) Sizes 9.0-10.0 (EU43-44)10.8″ (276mm) Sizes 11.0-12.0 (EU45-46)
RemovableNo – Unibody
AdjustableNo – Unibody
Stock Wheel Setup4x80mm
Max Wheel Size80mm
AxlesTwo-Piece 8mm, 4mm Hex Kizer Axles Item # 800502
WheelsUnderCover 80mm 85A
BearingsWicked ABEC9


Sean Keane is a one the of most creative and progressive street skaters in the industry and he has been on top of the blading game for years and his hard work has finally paid off in the form of his own signature model from the Rollerblade Blank company. titled the Blank SK Beta model. The SK Beta model is unique in that it has a streamlined direct mount, unibody, open-center soleplate which provides a strong and simple direct mounting of the UFS frame to shell.

Blank SK Beta model features:

-Cuff and buckle closure system work together to deliver maximum security and support.

-V2 Liner + CAS footbed

-Articulated, anatomically placed padding and support system of the liner and footbed work together to provide optimal stability, protection and comfort.

-Hydrogen street wheels + Twincam bearings

-42mm Anti-rocker wheels.

-Individual shell sizing

The Limited Edition Blank Beta launch in sizes 260/265 8/8.5 US, 270/275 9/9.5 US, 280/285 and 10/10.5 US.


The Faction Skate Company has just released shots of their highly anticipated new skate, the Tactical V1 boot. The Tactical V1 is a lightweight heat moldable carbon fiber boot, with the strength and responsiveness of carbon with the style and comfort of a soft boot. The Tactical V1 is available in half and full sizes with a fully removable liner to give you the best fit possible. The boots are also heat moldable as well, for more details on the heat molding process see here. The Tactical V1 also comes with injection molded glass filled nylon soleplates with a full figure shape to provide ample space for positive and negative grinds.

Faction is also offering an optional Fruittech hardware upgrade that will include: 16-soleplate bolts, 4-UFS bolts, 4-45 strap bolts, 6-buckle bolts, and 4-cuff bolts with custom anodized blue washers.

Faction has launched presale for the Tactical V1 already, with the boots looking to be delivered by the end of May (however in todays world freight shipping varies.)


The Kizer Frame Company have released a couple of new frames on the blading market, the first being a sweet new Element 90 Black frame. The Element 90 frame is a super-fast frame which is made for speed and cruising but comes as standard with a slight 1 mm rocker to enhance agility and fuel your creativity. The frame is very fast and responsive, which is further enhanced by the rocker system. The frame feels very stable and locks in perfectly when grinding. Made from extruded aluminum and CNC machined to perfection this frame is super stiff, sturdy, and will take any impacts without letting you down. Single steel axles make wheel rotation and changing easy and fast. The frame´s great finish and look will upgrade any skate, guaranteeing fun from the first ride.

Available in one size: M=273 mm

The Kizer Element II HILO TI frame is the latest addition to the Kizer frame family. It is completely made out of aluminum for maximum energy transfer and designed specifically for high-speed park or bowl skating and coping grinds. The frame body has an extruded profile and has been CNC manufactured to perfection. The frame will take a maximum flat set up wheel size of 68mm-60mm-60mm-68mm. For a flat setup, it will also take a 64-56-56-64 setup and of course other various anti rocker options.

Due to the frame being built super low for enhanced stability. It’s possible that the front and rear wheels could touch your soulplate, so check before and if necessary grind some material off the central channel of your soul plate to create ‘Wheel wells’. This design allows your skate setup to feel as close as possible to the ground, providing a lower center of gravity giving you the best balance for all your tricks. The wheels are fixed with single steel axles and have integrated CNC bearing bosses. The interchangeable grind block is made out of casted aluminum and wraps perfectly around the wheels to help prevent any wheel bites. The groove is perfectly shaped to lock on to all your grinds straight out the box. With the Element frame, you fall back in love with the metallic sound of grinding.

Available in one size: M=260 mm


The Endless Blading Company have introduced their newest Endless 90 LR Trinity Frame—which is a precision machined, multi-setup frame designed specifically to elevate Powerslide TRINITY skates to the highest level of aesthetics and performance. This frame has a 6 mm lower ride height than the standard Endless 90 TRINITY Frame when used with the 4-wheel setup, providing the absolute lowest 4×90 TRINITY setup on the market. The 3×100 setup hits a sweet spot for acceleration, speed, and weight and features our new “Enhanced Flat” setup that feels more maneuverable than flat, without feeling rockered.

Endless 90 LR Trinity Frame features

The two setups are specifically fine-tuned for control and agility in urban environments.

– 4×90 – Balanced Rocker

– 3×100 – Enhanced Flat

– Mounting: @powerslidebrand TRINITY

– Wheelbase: 276 mm

– Colorways: Silver, Black, Cyberpunk Pink, Tron Blue

– CNC-machined from 6061-T6

– Includes 8 steel axles

– Weight: 263 g, without spacers and axles


The 50/50 frame company have been innovators in the blading game for years and have recently announced their newest version of their popular Balance frame. 50/50 has taken all of the feedback from our community and improved the Balance frame in 5 ways: The first being a bigger split (105mm), max 60mm flat, but with the same classic groove we have all grown to love. The second being their new use of one sided axles fully compatible with Prime frames, this being some cosmetic upgrades with smaller Juice Bumps and cleaner lines as well as updated material to be faster and longer lasting and most importantly…NO MORE SPECIAL FRAME BOLTS! Hallelujah! The Balance frame will work with the frame bolts from most other your skates.

In addition, they’re still compatible with Juice Blocks and will be able to ride 65mm wheels when set up antirocker. 50/50 has kept all the good things and made everything else better. 50/50 will have two colors; black with black axles and white with silver axles. Ready to roll setups will also be available with 50/50 wheels to make installation easy. The Balance 2 will be $60 a set and are scheduled to be available in April. Ask your favorite shop to reserve some Balance 2 for you, this first run is going to go fast.

The new Balance 2 has a 105mm split between 2 -> 3. This is 10mm wider than the original Balance, but with the same classic groove. It’s hard to visualize numbers, so here are a few pictures to see what a flat 58mm setup would be like. If you’re familiar with skating Balance frames, skating the new 105mm split with flat 58mm would be similar to skating the old Balance with flat 55mm wheels for preventing wheel bite. But with the increased h-block width, Balance 2 offers even more protection without compromising antirocker performance. The Balance 2 is going to be an amazing frame for all styles of skaters.

50/50 also released their first signature model of their newest Prime frames and technical wizard Jon Fromm has been given a beautiful white frame with an immaculate gold core. 50/50 also offers a ready to roll bundle with Jon’s signature Red Eye wheels as well. The setup includes:- Jon Fromm Prime frames, Jon’s 60mm 90a wheel, Json Adriani’s 46mm 101a wheel, 50/50 ABEC 9 bearings, white/gold laces 64” and a limited edition packaging featuring photography from Steve Steinmetz. There are only 20 bundles available, exclusively on the 50/50 website, for $200.


The Bloom Urethane company have announced their initial line of wheels to the blading masses and have shown from the jump that they are here to give back in a big way. Their first line features a posthumous release for the late, great Texas legend, Keaton Newsom as well as the first signature products for fellow Texan Mick Casals and Nashville Tennessee powerhouse Tony Woodland.

The Keaton Newsom signature wheel is a 60mm 90a rounded profile wheel, which was designed by Keaton’s mother, Andra Maldovan with original artwork by Rich Taylor which benefits the Suicide Prevention Lifeline Organization, where $5.00 from each wheel set sold (Keaton’s royalty) will be donated to the organization.

The next Bloom rider to be blessed with a signature wheel is none other than Tony Woodland. Tony chose to go with a 64mm 90a round profile wheel, which was designed by Tony with brightly colored artwork by Rich Taylor and with 10% of each wheel set sold to be donated to Black Lives Matter.

“ I chose BLM for my charity of choice because I want to give towards African American communities and businesses in need. BLM focuses on an index of charities within Black communities around the country. This donation will be spread evenly throughout. As I become more present with my surroundings, I see this as a focus that needs more attention. There are so many individuals that need help.”

– Tony Woodland

The Tony Woodland wheel is much appreciated as there are only so many 64mm wheels available on the market and they are definitely in high demand! This is a wise choice by Tony and the good folks over at Bloom and one that supports a great cause as well.

Tony Woodland Pro Wheel Promo- Bloom Urethane

And last, but certainly not least,is the first signature wheel for the ball of dynamite that is Mick Casals. Being that Mick has been a loyal flat rider forever, he has chosen a 58mm 90a to fit his skating needs. Mick chose, the National Sexual Assault Hotline, where 10% of profits will be donated to. RAINN works with more than 1,000 local sexual assault service providers across the country and operates the DoD Safe Helpline for the Department of Defense. RAINN also carries out programs to prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.

Words from Mick about his choice:

I chose RAINN for my wheel highlight. RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline, an organization I wasn’t aware of until long after my experiences with sexual abuse. As an adult, it’s a strange thing to come to terms with. Something I couldn’t comprehend until I was older. Yesterday or yesteryear, you can still seek help. If you or someone you know is struggling, don’t keep it a secret. Reach out to friends, family, or an organization like

Mick Casals


Our good friends over at Plastik Mag have released a couple of slick looking limited edition hoodies for the winter time to keep you warm during those frigid skate sessions or looking good for a night out on the town.

– 100% thick cotton (no fleece)
– Heat shrink on the laces
– Big front pocket
– Limited edition: 30pcs
– Colors: black, white
– Sizes S, M, L, XL (actual availability is on the website as well as sizing information) 
– Made in Moscow

Man-bags, satchels, bro sacks, whatever you want to call them, Plastik Mag has released a bad ass looking one which comes in a is classic size and featuring a simple an inside pocket, sporting reflective patches and repping Plastik’s Polyurethane Entertainment slogan. This is the perfect bag for all you old school mini-DV film heads out there!


Our friends at Plastic Pushers have dropped some simple and yet very proper hoodies for the winter months which display their classic Plastic Pushers logo on the chest as well as a Burza Torden limited edition hoodie as well. You can show your love for one of the best crews in blading by picking up a Pushers hoodie and making your support known to all in your presence!


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