Hangaren Blades of Glory: Official Edit

Not only did Zebastian Cassel organize the Hangaren Blades of Glory competition a couple of weeks ago, but now he also came up with the official edit for the event. The level of blading is great, the Swedish kids are growing up incredibly strong, and overall it looked like an amazing time for everyone! Here are some words by the man himself, Zebastian Cassel:

“Linköping is not much of a place to be during the fall, except for this ofcourse. With a line-up featuring Josh Glowicki, Fredrik Andersson & Leon Humphries. Aswell as a collaboration with Winterclash I was not worried about the level of blading people would showcase, rumours about Michel Prado showing up turned out to be true to, lacing smooth truespin disasters all day.
Vikings brought it hard but Josh Glowicki walked away with the win…wait for the last trick.

Sauna sessions, walks, nightblading in the park, afterparty & a sick comp.
A new line-up next year and a new event, bigger & better still.”

1: Josh Glowicki
2: Michel Prado
3: Johannes Karlsson

1: Martin Danning
2: Axel Bihagen
3: Gustav Dahlström


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