Erik Bill’s 19 Minute Fund / Awareness Raiser

IMG_9005Erik Bill of the NDN shared with us his recent endeavor, ” 19 Minute Fund/Awareness Raiser”, a pay-what-you’d-like VOD to help raise funds for future projects. Bill explains further:

It’s time for you people to stuff your faces with whatever Thanksgiving themed turkey focused meal you are into. Enjoy your friends and family and when you get fat and lazy sneak off into your den and donate to our project! We are releasing this 19 minute NDN video for whatever dollar amount you are willing to give. All money raised will help us fund our upcoming trip to California to film our first ‘Just Passin Through’ project. Since a lot of this project is self funded we are only getting a small group of homies involved. The more funds raised helps us get more of the crew out so please don’t hesitate to donate and watch some sweet rollerblading in the coming year! We will be leaving this Sunday November 26 and returning to our homes 7 days later. We will be blading with the likes of Tony Rivituso, Walt Austin, Sean Keane and Casey Bagozzi. Thank you to our sponsors and for all the support homies have been giving us!

Hit the link below to check out and support Erik’s latest release: