Sean Keane- bank to true fishbrain. Photo: Erick Garcia, @juicedsuckafoos

It is a glorious day! Sean Keane (@skeane) has made a triumphant return with a very much anticipated new promo video highlighting his signature pro model he received from Rollerblade/Blank Rolling Products. In the video which was shot and edited by the always entertaining Taylor Kobryn, you can see one of blading’s greatest innovators further cementing himself in the archives of blading lore with one of his strongest profiles to date.

Keane is never one to skate with the normal trick vocabulary or spot selection and his newest profile shows him further pushing what is capable on blades with such head-scratchers like cess-slides into AND out of grinds, true spin wallride to rewind wallrides and a never-been-done-before true savannah wheel slide. You can even see some surprise cameos from his Blank team mates Stephen Babcock and Tony Woodland as well!

So peep one of blading’s best and be sure and pick up a pair of his new signature model skates while you can, as they are quite popular and are selling out quick!