The mountain man Dan Armbruster sent us this incredible new profile he made featuring some highlights from his blading as well as skiing from 2019 & 2020. Dan does a great job of mixing up both disciplines and shows that you can combine the aesthetics and fundamentals from either sport and make an entertaining profile that could potentially help in converting avid skiers into bladers, and vise versa.

In the multi-talented video Dan mixes in creative improv blade lines with burly skiing moves on sizable downstair rails. I am not sure if it shares the same name as it does in blading, but the pudslide on skis is ri-freaking-diculous! Dan also had a great caste of filming assistance from his CO brethren which included Howie Bennett, Tom Leong, Ian Walker, Zach Pavel, Lindon Mercer, Shea Nickel and Austin “Foogie” Bartels.

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