Ayoub el Gharib: Rollerblade 2015 Section

Young Moroccan up-and-comer and Rollerblade team rider Ayoub el Gharib has been shredding relentlessly in the past few years, and it sure shows in his most recent edit! His latest Rollerblade section showcases both fine technical moves and reckless stunts, as well as some interesting streets spots and architecture which are still mostly uncovered to this day: take the trip to Morocco, and enjoy some damn good blading!

Rollerblade supports skaters from all over the world. In this video you can see 21-year-old streetskater Ayoub el Gharib skate the streets and skateparks of Casablanca, Safi and Laayoune. These are all beautiful cities. Ayoub shreds the streets as much as possible when he has time of from work. Occasionally he visits a skatepark, but he prefers streetskating. He skates because it makes him feel good, the skates are a real extension of his body. He has his degree in aluminium processing but wants to travel the world through skating and share his passion with others, that is his priority now. Enjoy some fine skating from Morocco!

Visit the Rollerblade website here: rollerblade.com
Follow their page for more updates: facebook.com/ROLLERBLADE.INTERNATIONAL

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