Austin Paz and Billy O’Neill at the Jump Street Podcast are back with a very special guest, the legendary Erick Garcia! Erick is one of the most widely respected veterans of our community as he has been a staple of the NorCal scene for years. Erick speaks about his early years growing up in the influential Bay area, his hard work with Paradigm Distribution ( Dyna Wheels, Runners Project and Synergy Bearings) and also more currently his photography work which features some of the heavy hitters of his infamous JSF crew.

There are very few individuals within our blading culture that have been as enduring and personable as Erick and to see him as a guest on the Jump Street Podcast is a real treat that any blading purist will gladly appreciate, so waste no more time and check out the full podcast and be sure to support the good guys at Jump Street on all of their platforms and be sure to contribute to their Patreon as well.

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