One Minute One Spot: Victor Legrand

I’ll always remember this call I received seven years ago. A girl told me that she was flirting with a rollerblader guy named Victor: he was supposed to come to our town to visit his cousins see her and hopefully skate. We ended up living together six years later: his room was a tent in the middle of my living room… (ask Micheal Garlinghouse or the people from the London time haha). This guy has so much energy you will see him destroy a rib high rail take off his skates drink a bottle of whiskey 5 feet of tequila shots on the bar, make an entire room sing old French songs, end up in some girl’s bed he met in front of a night club waking up after 3 hours of sleep to complete a hard day of proletarian labour and he will still make you laugh. He is truly passionate human being and his devotion to skating is outsized. He deserves his place in the rollerblading industry so look forward to meet him!

Introduction & photography: Umberto Toselli
Filming: Sonny Pichon & Klement Barbaza
Edit: Victor Legrand

Name: Legrand Victor

Age: 21

Hometown: Lyon, France

Sponsors: Shima Skates Manufacturing and Frenchy Fries

Current set-up: Jon Bolino boot with create originals plate and eulogy wheels

Best rolling edit you have seen in 2012 so far: Alex Broskow in Pariah

Bad habit: Smoke weeds before skating

Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: My generosity

Your mother always said: Wake up! it’s time to work

Skater of the year so far: Richie Eisler

Favorite food: Rabbit cooked with dijon Mustard

What’s your biggest weakness: Size of My Dick

Craziest moment in skating: The FISE contest

Favourite gadget: My Camera


Up and Comers: Victor Legrand
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victor legrand - omos be-mag - front torque
Front Torque, Lyon, France

victor legrand - omos be-mag - fall
Fail, Aix En Provence, France

victor legrand - omos be-mag - drunk face
Drunk face, France

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