Nate Nyman is a Wisconsin native that is now living comfortably down in Dallas Texas, where he is a husband and a father of two young boys. When he is not busy working & taking care of family responsibilities, you can catch him sessioning his homemade skatebox or on a nice street adventure or at any of the dozen local concrete parks in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area perfecting his craft of inline skating.

Whatever the terrain though, Nate has a natural and powerful skating style that is evident within the first few seconds of watching him skate. He has a compact & smooth style reminiscent of a young Franky Morales, which is quite the compliment. Nate has been posting numerous videos of his skating throughout the recent years and we decided to reach out to ole NateDogg to see if he would be down to film a “One Minute, One Spot” for us and he was more than happy to oblige.

Kevin Little had the opportunity to speak with Nate and dig into his skating roots and his day-to-day life to give you a better look into what makes Nate so great.

KL: When did you start inline skating & what prompted you to pick up a pair of skates?

NN: Growing up in Wisconsin, I was on ice skates and rollerblading – playing street hockey around the age of 5.  Eventually, I saw one of my buddies down the block with aggressive skates.  His dad was always building him these huge ramps to air on.  It was crazy watching him clear these gaps and keep moving the ramps further and further away.  One day the jump box had a pvc rail running across and down the middle.

It was game over when I saw him grinding.  I had never seen anything like that before. The sport was brand new and looked like so much fun. That was one of my earliest memories seeing aggressive blading. I was hooked after going to the local skatepark, learning how to grind, and watching the USD video “Coup De Tat,” daily.  

KL: What is your current skate setup and what in particular do you like most about them?

NN: I’m currently riding the USD Carlos Bernal 2’s with Rollerblade Blank frames and Eulogy wheels.  I love how lightweight and durable the skates are.  I feel like I can jump higher, move my feet quicker, and still maintain a solid landing.  Also, the design of the boot is just perfect and not too bulky.  They just look super clean and ninja-like!  

KL: What is your favorite thing to skate mostly? Park or street? And what do you tend to gravitate most to at those spots?

NN: I really enjoy blading all of these concrete skateparks in the Dallas-FT Worth area where I live.  It is probably one of the main reasons I got back into skating since I took my son and he got hooked.  Since I’m older now, rollerblading is all about longevity and straight up exercise – so any obstacle I can get creative and technical on is my go to. 

I’ve been really into filming at these parks with my mini tripod set up.  Having the full control of picking angles and capturing the different shapes in the skatepark  is so much fun, it’s an art!

KL: You have an uncanny ability for skating high obstacles. Is there a particular workout or practice that you do to help give you those ups?

NN: Thanks man!  I definitely make sure to stretch and warm up before going full send.  I never really thought of myself as a skater who can jump super high.  Recently, I’ve been feeling the hops though.  I think it’s the skates!

KL: What are your interests or activities that you do while you aren’t out skating? 

NN: I really enjoy spending time with my family exploring DFW and watching my two boys (6 months, and 5 year old) grow up.  I also love getting creative with graphic design, producing music, and my Youtube channel – n89man.

 One of the latest videos is a how-to visual on building your own home 16 ft. blading slide box.  It turned out super cool and I got some great feedback.  Check it out! 

KL: If you had to pick a favorite album to skate to get you hyped, what would be your musical choice?

NN: I love all genres of music but when it comes to rollerblading, hip hop and trap music gets me the most inspired to go blade!  Usually I’m just streaming though so no particular album.

KL: If you had the opportunity to skate anywhere in the world, where would be the spot that you would want to go?

NN: Anywhere in Europe.  From past videos and current clips I see on the internet, the street spots look absolutely unreal!  I’m guessing it’s the different architecture that we are not used to in the U.S. 

It would be a dream of mine to film a street section out there!