One Minute One Spot: Aritz Ortega

Personally I believe Aritz Ortega has the behaviour of a true pro for the following reasons: he has won everything by himself. He’s the kind of guy you always want to skate with, a friendly and humble person. A very constant skater, he pursues his objectives until he gets them. He has some really good, sometimes a bit mad and risky, ideas. He always tries to help to improve every situation. He works out 6 days a week to keep his body fit. He takes his job, whatever it is, seriously and this makes it so easy to work with him on anything such as filming. He usually places near the top of any contest he attends to. What can I say? He is a good skater, and a better person.

Introduction: Mikel Artega
Edit: Angel de la Iglesia
Photography: Angel de la Iglesia, Thomz Negrat & Fernando Marmolejo

Name: Aritz Ortega

Age: 21

Hometown: Bilbao, Spain

Sponsors: Razors Skates, Vhertikal Shop, Kaltik Hardware, One Love Rolling, Rollerspain.

Current set-up: Razors Mathias Silhan Sl, Kaltik Frames Stephen Swain, Eulogy Jeff Dalnas wheels, Titen abec 9 Bearings

Best rolling edit you have seen in 2012 so far: Charg!ng

Bad habit: Drink Coke and skating with a lighter in my right pocket

Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: I can eat more than 1kg of food every day

Your mother always said: Be carefull!

Skater of the year so far: Nils Jansons

Favorite food: Gazpacho

What’s your biggest weakness: The rain

Craziest moment in skating: Travelling with homies and sleep with the homeless in the street

Favourite gadget: My ipod shuffle

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