Nicolas Schopfer: One Minute One Spot

It’s a real pleasure for me to introduce the “One Minute One Spot” for my friend Nicolas Schopfer! I’ve known Nic for more than a decade now. I remember him skating back in the days when he was a 1,20 m tall kid skating in his blue Salomons and with his huge helmet – hence his nickname “Mushroom“. From then on he never stopped skating, kept improving, always striving for perfection. He’s now the great and stylish skater we all know! Thankfully Nic is always motivated for a little session. I’d say even more so now that he started editing etc. He’s the one who brought me back into skating when we went to Malta after a few years break and I’m really grateful to him for everything!

Introduction: Yann Dufeil
Photography: Alex Pittet
Filming: Moe IshuayedAurélien Martin & Arnaud Mutschler
Edit: Nicolas Schopfer

The spot is quite special to me! Being known in Geneva as the “lake rail”, this is the spot every old-school skater in Geneva has spent hours on. Back in the days, when we had no skatepark in Geneva, this was the place to try the new trick you had learned on the little ledges right across the street. At first the rail was 15 cm higher, so only the old guys would skate it. Then one day our friends went there at night, took it off, cut it and put it back in place with fresh cement! This started the history of the rail that has seen many bails, many great tricks and a lot of awesome sessions! Then a few years passed and noone skated it anymore as it was too low and too short. Nic killed it in this edit and, who knows, perhaps started the revival of that awesome old-school spot!

-Yann Dufeil

Nicolas Schopfer

Age: 24

Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

Sponsors: Xsjado, Undercover, Kaltik, Cloud Unique Tees, Rolling Rock, Searching For… Jeans, Kendama Europe, Mom

Current set-up: Farmer 4.1 with Spartan sandals, Kaltik white Swain Flat Stealth frames, Richie Eisler UC’s

Best rolling edit you have seen in 2011 so far: B.L.A.D.E Haffey vs. Farmer. All insane switch tricks, it’s the vibe that gets me

Bad habit: I am lazy!

Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: I make the best burgers in town (a few know, p.e. Rich E.)

Your mother always said: Don’t make noise with your mouth when you eat noodles

Skater of the year so far: Is it even worth mentioning?

Favorite food: Lasagna

What’s your biggest weakness: My lovely girlfriend Mina and our cats Soba. Hermes & Shoyu; I just melt for them

Craziest moment in skating: Getting asked to join the Kaltik pro team after random drunk talk at the Winterclash and a couple e-mails afterwards

Favourite gadget: iPhone 4

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