Leon Basin: One Minute, One Spot

With this One Minute One Spot edit we want to take the chance to introduce you to the person in charge of Shop Task: Leon Basin. The Israel native is not only good at pushing Rollerblading in Canada through his Rollerblade-Shop. He is more than that. Leon has been rollerblading more than half of his life and has been an inspiration in terms of Rollerblading for a lot of people that skate with him. Even though Leon is a pretty busy man since he also recently opened a Shop-Task store front in Downtown Vancouver he still found some time to film some extraordinary stuff for Be-Mag. Peep it!


This edit was filmed by my house in Downtown Vancouver. This is the new Yaletown skytrain station that was built for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. This spot is definitely not designed for skating or the architect designed it in a way that will make it very difficult to skate. Either way that’s exactly my type of spot. I find it more challenging and rewarding to skate spots like that and I love the fact that you never know what tricks I am going to do. And now thanks to my good friend Mike EB who filmed and edited it, I can actually remember what tricks I did. I hope you enjoy it and get inspired to skate unskateable spots.– Leon Basin

Photography: AJ DeLong
Edit: Michael Ebenal

1. Name: Leon Basin

2. Age: Probably 28 by the time you read it

3. Hometown: Now it’s Vancouver, BC, Canada but I grew up skating in Tel-Aviv, Israel

4. Sponsors: NONE

5. Favorite skate event you attended so far: Popularity Contest in Kamloops, BC, Canada, and the old Lausanne contests in Switzerland.

6. Best contest results so far: too many to name and you probably wouldn’t know of any of them.

7. Three characteristic features that describes you the best:  Pretty, Beautiful, Handsome.

8. Current set-up: White Xsjado Farmer 09 size 7 with Kizer Fluid gold frames without any wheels in the center (freestyle) Street Artist Kelso 55m 92A wheels (the best ever) and Powerslide Twincam ILQ 9 bearings. Real Gold frame bolts and titanium UFS bolts to support my weight.

9. Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Another day in Vancouver #3 edit or any other edit by Randy Yuen or any edit with myself in it. I love watching myself skate ahah!

10. Good advice you’ve been given:The biggest risk is not taking one” I got it in a fortune cookie at some chinese restaurant a few years ago. Makes me wonder what would I do without Chinese food.

11. Dumpest thing you did in your life so far: I have done a lot of dumb things but nothing that really stands out. I was recently taking off a wheel of a complete frame and I was using an electric drill and I didn’t hold the frame properly, So the frame spun around very fast and hit me on my forehead. And every one at Shop-Task was laughing at me, I felt pretty dumb.

12. Best thing you did in your life so far: Switch alley-oop sidewalk and started SHOP-TASK

13. A place you really want to travel to next: Japan

14. Three people you would love to skate with at your favorite spot: Brandon Calleija from Malta, Anton Baserjin from Israel, and Fernando Selvador from Ecuador.

15. One Amateur who should be pro: Sorry, I don’t understand this whole Amateur/ Pro titles, but I would have to say Dustin Werbeski. Altough he is already a pro at being a hippie, but it would be nice to see him become a “pro” rollerblader just so I can skate his pro skates.

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