Christian Obermaier: One Minute One Spot

I consider Chris Obermaier as one of my best friends although I live in Vienna right now and we see us only on an irregular basis. But I know when we meet up again it will be as it always was. Chris is a very open-minded person, he loves to travel and treats everyone as he wants to be treated. And then there is rollerblading. He loves it. No, he adores it! Every free minute he can get besides studying, meeting his non-rollerblading friends, getting drunk in Lederhosen or mowing the lawn, he’ll spend in his Valo‘s.

The spot where this little edit was filmed is a rather new one in Rosenheim. Spot-wise, this Bavarian town doesn’t have much to offer so this ledge is visited quite often by the small number of rollerbladers living there. If you congratulate him about the incredible tricks he did on that spot in such a short period of time he will say: “Aah, that wasn’t good…. Nothing special…” et cetera. But in fact he never has to question his skills.

Introduction: Florian Scheibmaier
Edit: Chris Rumpf

Name: Christian Obermaier

Age: 22

Hometown: Rosenheim

Sponsors: Valo, Ignition, Estero

Current set-up: Valo TV2, Ground Control frames, 4X4 Broskow wheels

Best rolling edit you have seen in 2011 so far: Be-Mag Winterclash Edit by Karsten Boysen

Bad habit: Eating too much chocolate

Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: Konstantin Hennis

Your mother always said: Take care

Skater of the year so far: Gabriel Hyden

Favorite food: Rahmschnitzel and Spätzle

What’s your biggest weakness: I am always able to sleep

Craziest moment in skating: Beethoven’s disaster soul slam at Winterclash 2008

Favourite gadget: My iPhone

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