Words – David Grant
Photos – Bo Ejstrup & David Grant

RamJam has in a few years become the annual winter gathering here in Denmark, and once again Urban Street Zone stepped up and showed how to be incredible hosts. Free accommodation for everyone, homemade food at the park and they even opened up a whole new section of the park ready for huge airs, long grinds and even bigger stunts…


A great event last year had caught the attention of a few bladers, and people were coming in from all over northern Europe. As the event kicked off it turned out people were in for quite a show.
The under 12’s (! – yeah, the kids represented hard) were going big, attempting transfers and disaster grinds that would scare off most seniors. The girls showed up in bigger numbers that ever before with dedicated heats in both the juniors and seniors. With the juniors and the old boys skating hard, the scene was set for the seniors.


Joe Atkinson was skating this incredible park flawlessly, the flying dutchmen showed up in numbers and flew higher than everyone else and Jojo Jacobi – Mr. Winterclash himself – reminded everyone that he is still a stronger blader than most. But above all Felix Fälling, winner of the junior competition at Winterclash, came out like a hurricane full of fierce energy, determined to take home the title of Danish Champion – and he did so with more speed, more tricks and more passion than anyone else out there.


It was a pleasure seeing so many people turn up in the little town of Brande and the level of blading that went down.
A big thank you goes out the the RAD-boys and Urban Street Zone for putting on yet another great event, and a special shout out to Rune Lyager and the rest of the crew who helped make this park a reality – if you haven’t been there yet, it should definitely be on your list…!



Hope to see everyone, and many more, at next year’s Ram Jam!
Until then – let’s go skate the streets…!