R-A-D (Rollerblading Association Denmark) would like to invite you to this year’s RAM JAM!
Ram Jam is situated in Brande, Denmark on the 1st to 3rd March 2019.
Ram Jam is the core event for aggressive rollerblading in Denmark. It is the danish championships, as well as an invitational event to everyone who wants to join.
We provide sleeping, drinks and all the good times you could ever need. Plus a lot of danish charm, patented danish ‘cozyness’, and a great big stunt competition with a great big heart!
In a brand new park!

Words: Michael Buhl Jonassen
Photography:David Grant and Anders Krogh Hauerholt

The event and the new skatepark is a testement to the new times that are rolling forward in the danish blade scene. New people, new skateparks and new possibilities are finaly comming around. The organisation is strong and full of heart. With good people like Rune Lyager, whos fire for building skateparks, organizing events and helping the fellow blader never seems to run out of steam. Jakob Fälling (Felix Fällings father) with his endless train of thoughts for blading has also recently entered the governemental part of getting funding for blading. Which has made it way easier to get track of funding for events and in turn digging out the much needed coal for the fire that makes blading. It turns out that governmental work has its own aggressive qualities. You have to take alot of slams, belive in big stunts, watch out for snakes, have a BIG heart and – most importantly – wait your turn…

We hope to see you at the RAM JAM to watch the colmination of big stunts – whether they are govern-mental og just blading-mental. We are very happy that times are good and we hope that you would consider to take the time out and join the party in Brande in just two short weeks. It turns out that to make it in blading all you need is big stunts and big hearts!

We hope you can make it!

Best Regards,

About the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/321246115298910/

Confirmed Pros: Dominik Bruce, Scott Quinn, Christian Berg, Frederik Kofoed, Jacob Juul

Other events in Denmark: http://www.r-a-d.dk/activity/events-in-2019/