Introduction by Ryan Loewy

Photographs by John Sakkis

In the beginning of fall, Erick Garcia, a renowned skater and impeccable photographer hailing from Oakland, California, along with Cameron Talbott,  announced that they would be hosting a competition in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California.

Erick Garcia has performed a handful of wild ass stunts throughout the years. As shown above in Valo V by Ivan Narez, the man literally has no fear.

The competition, titled the Filthy Fiesta, featuring Ivan Narez dialing in a forward air, and outlined a myriad of different challenges that the competition would carry out, such as a long jump and fastest grind. There was no doubt that this competition being nothing short of amazing, considering the ballsy maneuvers that Garcia has performed throughout the years, it was to be expected that the competition wouldn’t fail to please.

Ivan Narez as the cover boy for the 2018 Filthy Fiesta. Photograph by Erick Garcia

So when John Sakkis reach out to us with a photo gallery of this year’s event, we were eager to see all the stunts that unfolded frozen in time…

John Sakkis lives in Oakland, California. You can follow him on Instagram here.

Erick Garcia also lives and works in Oakland, California. You can follow him on Instagram here.