Words | Video By Kirill Braynin @KirillBraynin
Photos By Matt Moya @FadeNation
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The Guerrilla Blade Jam is an annual event that started its roots in 2012 from former and current Utah locals, Billy Anderson and Kaycee Landsaw. Through the years, it’s evolved and taken on many different forms and organizers.

This year the competition was hosted by The Woodshop BMX and presented by Kirill Braynin of Utah Blade Scene. After seven years the event has changed from a heat-based contest to more of a community event that folks looks forward to. The event caters to all ages and skill levels, and is very family oriented, bringing both spouses and kids together for a common goal: having fun. 

Mike Scott and Tory Treseder in attendance

Consistency was key at this years Guerrilla Blade Jam. More tech tricks came through than we could count. 

In the end, it came down to Jett Rennert taking first, separating himself from the bunch with a disaster 540 true top acid, followed by Hazen Bell who seemed to stay on his feet the whole event, and third going to Kyle Vandongen, who drove in from Colorado to lace trick after trick. 

Jeff Rennert with a Sweatstance from flat

Huge thanks to Carlos Guzman and Train Owens for helping to organize the event. Also, a huge shout out to all the locals and out-of-state skaters who came to support Utah. Last but not least, thank you to our amazing sponsors: Them, Razors, Oysi, Cariloha, Wasatch Brewery, Ground Control, Undercover, Rollerblade, RollerWarehouse, Luminary, ONE Magazine, Carriers Skate Shop, Oak City Skate Shop, 50/50 frames, and of Be-Mag for shining some light on our little scene. 


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