After several exchanges through our “Team Nomadeshop” group on Facebook, we were finally able to be on the same page about the organization and thus agree a date for our weekend.
The team was composed of 5 pro riders, a cameraman, a photographer: Antony Pottier, Fred Bukowski, Victor Daum and myself; Warren Digne.

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Words: Warren Digne
Photography: Ronan Algalarrondo

Our arrival in the beautiful city of Nantes on Friday, July 7 was at half past midnight and we had a meeting with our friend and cameraman Cedric Duchemin where our Ratz friends were waiting for us.
Very pleased to meet them again, we gathered around for a few beers and then proceeded to select the spots until three in the morning.

On Saturday, July 8, the entire team was ready to explore the spots proposed by our Ratz guides.

Our photographer, Ronan Algalarrondo had everything planned to make us happy, such as a springboard, boards, all that is necessary to make spots at any place.

team weekend

What we got on the first day from each of our riders:
Anthony Pottier: a beautiful Fishbrain rocket on the first spot as well as a great fall on a rolling 15 centimeter wide.
Stan Kogutyak: After a few tests, a wall up to top acid on a cabinet.
Fred Bukowski: a wall up soul down fakie with a beautiful photo to bring an end.
Warren Worthy: At the second try, a front line ufo roll to top soul on a rail.
Victor Daum: Top soul to 540 gap on the beautiful blue rail.

Antony Pottier

At the end of the day, we decided to share a good meal, a nice evening on a terrace in the city center, all gathered to discuss our good times.
After a few beers we finally decided to go back to rest in order to be ready for the last day of our trip.

Departure at noon on Sunday 9th July, we went to the street park of Nantes where we had an appointment with the local riders.

That was an awesome session in the skatepark with the full team in the same clip!

Right after, the rain interrupted us. We went in the parking of the Ikea store to save our afternoon and without regrets because we all came out with good tricks.

Fred Bukowski

This is what the boys got on the second day:
Victor Daum: Bank top mistrial to savannah gap, soul to alley-oop top soul on the bar.
Fred Bukowski: back slide to soul fakie, back royal alley-ooo wall-ride.
Stan Kogutyak: A beautiful run in the skatepark with a unity shuffle to 360 °.
Warren Worthy: A big fall on the tilted plane spot that cut him breath for several seconds, he then recovered his strengths for a unity to soul to royal.
Antony Pottier: Surprises us on the rail with a back royal to true top porn to gap.

Victor Daum

At the end of this last day we decided to take a picture all together as a souvenir.

At 8:00 pm, it was time for us to leave our friends in Nantes and return to Paris.
All the team joins me to thank the boss of NOMADESHOP, Olivier Husson for his support for our sport.
Special dedication to our cameraman “Cédric Duchemin” for his professionalism and his reception.
Thanks to “Ronan Algalarrondo” our photographer of the weekend for his investment both for the accommodation and for its organization.
Thank you Rats for this shared weekend and we are looking forward to see you again buddies.

Warren Digne5

Antony Pottier chill

Stan Kogutyak

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