Rollerblading in Africa? Why yes, dear gentlefolk, and it comes in all forms. Our great friend, recent African transplant and life-long rollerblading enthusiast Ricardo Lino recently went on a little tour of South Africa with his friends Greg Fraser and Earl Abrahams. And they made a wonderful video, with all types of rollerblading in it. Here’s Ricardo’s little write up about his adventure, the video and some pics. Thanks to Rico and Mark Heuss for the little Be-Mag exclusive.

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Words: Ricardo Lino
Filming & Photography: Ricardo Lino, Earl Abrahams, Greg Fraser

About a year and a half ago i realised my life needed a change, and here i am in South Africa. Lots of sun, amazing virgin spots, and surrounded but a group of people sharing the same vision for skating. We LOVE TO SKATE, no mather if it’s aggressive, free skate, downhill, 4 wheels, triskates. So with this being said, about 6 months ago Greg Fraser, Earl Abrahams and I thought it would be cool to show the world what we do on our wheelie boots over here in South Africa. At around the same time, Undercover was releasing a new wheel line coming in all sizes: “THE WILDLIFE” and there’s no better place to promote the wild collection wheel brand then in AFRICA.

So there we went, we packed up all our skates, from the 60mm grind machines to the 125mm free skates and we took them to the wildest ghettos in Johannesburg, to the hot temperatures of the summer in Pretoria and to the roughest mountains around Cape Town to bring you this piece of art directed by Greg Fraser.

Enjoy and get yourself some quality wheels in the size you want.

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