Travel Essentials: Adam Kola

Adam Kola Travel Essentials
Traveling is a day to day activity for anybody that works in the Blading industry. Airports, fast food, rental cars, vans full of sweaty dudes, contests and hotel rooms (or blow up beds). This is the life of a Blading professional. Here at we will brining you an insight into not only the riders of the sport but the committed individuals that document it.
Very few people in the industry have clocked up as many air miles as photographer Adam Kola. He is constantly on the road shooting photos of your favourite Pro riders and has recently returned home to the UK after a few weeks shooting Xsjado Pro rider Jeff Stockwell in the USA. We caught up with the media professional to talk travel.
Travel Essentials?
Dirt Box Beanie
LowePro Camera Bag filled with a whole bunch of stuff, lens, flashes, slaves, cables, wax, more wax
Bronica ETRsi
Canon 5D MK2
Rollei 35B
iPhone 4S
Wallet + Oyster Card
VW Golf GTI Mark 5 Keys
Disposable BBQ + Lighter
Best Western Hotel Comb
Dirt Box Duffel Bag
Red Wing Boots (you never know where you may end up trekking)
Apple MacBook Pro 13inch
How many cameras do you travel with?
4 Usually, not sure why, i guess it depends on where i am and what i see, as the different cameras lend themselves to different results. Canon EOS 5D MK 2, Bronica ETRsi, Rollei 35B, Lubitel 2. I also have a whole bunch of Lomo cameras and polaroids but they stay on my shelve.
Passport Nationality?
British Citizen, although i wouldn’t mind getting a South African passport through my Dad.
Favourite airport?
Heathrow Terminal 5 is actually pretty sweet but i think Singapore’s Changi airport was a winner.
Your trick to beat jet lag?
I always try and stick to ‘stay up with the time’ theory, but most people that know me know that i tend to fail on any staying awake task.
Any travel tips/suggestions?
Shave! Although i have never had any trouble surprisingly. All i get are praises, one time in Atlanta i had “dude, you look like Juoquin Phoenix” and another time in LA some security man saw my 17 year old passport photo and said ‘keep rocking the beard man”.
Roll or fold clothes?
Fold everytime!

Adam Kola (Shot by Jeff Stockwell)