2021 is an important milestone for Be-Mag and rollerblading culture.  What started out as a newsletter sent out on Christmas day 1996 has gone on to create an indelible mark on a global community a quarter of a century later.  Be-Mag represents and reports the aspirations of generations of rollerbladers through the triumphs and turbulence of our shared collective history.  It has offered a sense of belonging from its inception.  Whether it be friends banding together to bind it as an entity, an infamous messageboard where allegiances were made, or welcoming submissions from our supporters, Be-Mag has always aligned itself with the skate community’s core sentiment of inclusion.  On the quadranscentennial of our journey, we renew our commitment to this never-ending goal, to the people that made it possible in the first place — you, our readers.

As we come to this milestone in our history, we invite you to celebrate our journey in rollerblading as much as your own in making it. Support us in creating the next chapter in our magazine. We have created a Patreon support page where our loyal readers can show your support by pledging a monetary contribution of your choice or by choosing one of our tiered monthly payment plans. Our mission is to use your contributions toward putting out original features, paying content makers and skaters, creating a print magazine again and keeping blading’s oldest media company going another twenty five years.

Our Patreon memberships offer access to bonus and exclusive content, promotions, a shout out on Be-Mag and to sweeten the deal we’ll send you a Be-Mag 2021 print calendar! Featuring pictures from some of blading’s biggest names such as Joe Atkinson, Tomek Przybylik, Ivan Narez, Cameron Talbott, Cody Lampman, Mery Munoz, Pierre Akrich, Adrian Deck, Jeremy Soderburg, Victor Arias, Si Coburn, Brian Weis and James St. Ours.

With photography provided by Adam Kola, Erick Garcia, Clement Barbaza, Nick Swan, Christian Delfino, Jonathan Labez, Dean Bradley, Sam Cooper, Alex Villanueva, Corey Oringderff, Eli Lindauer and Chris Luca.

  • 8.5″ x 11″ spiral bound calendar
  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Features full-color pages throughout
  • Carefully curated images each month
  • Stay organized and on track all year
  • Give as a gift for any occasion
  • Perfect for the home or office
  • Pair with your favorite organizational tools

All profits from calendar sales will go towards production costs for NEW Be-Mag print issues 🙂 So show your support by picking up a 2021 Be-Mag calendar or pledging through our Patreon.

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