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Travel Essentials: Freddy White

He is the guy that started and ran Frenchy Fries for several years, and now Freddy White is the main staff editor for Be-Mag. Also a judge for Winter/Summerclash, the FISE series, and many more events, he spends months on the road every year. He travels with style, he is a survivor and he is wandering to all theses places to write about it afterwards – for you. Right now he is in Denmark for the Copenhagen Realstreet as a conclusion to a three months tour, and it’s about time we take a look at his travel essentials… Although this one is actually a flashback on his previous trip to China (that’s right, so much traveling can get a bit confusing sometimes)!

Photo: Felix Strosetzki
Photo: Felix Strosetzki

What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
I’m flying to China for the WSX Finals. Seba is also organizing a new side event, so my job will be to help judge said event, instead of trying to get a real job back home. We’ll be there for a week, so the trip may include some bowl shredding at SMP, and some big wheels racing in the streets of Shanghai. Plus I heard there should be a little something for CJ’s official skate release, so I’m definitely looking forward to having a couple drinks with the mate. First time in Asia, this should be fun

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?
The same sleeping bag I already have (which includes a mattress and a pillow), only it would be even smaller and lighter. Or anything that could help reduce the size and weigh of my bag, basically.

Favorite airport?
Any airport I’ll be visiting on my way to escape the daily routine.

Your trick to beat jet lag?
Either drink lots of water and avoid coffee and alcohol for a while, or get hammered right away and spend the rest of the trip hungover so you can’t really tell the difference.

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Pack fast, travel slow. Enjoy the ride, as the destination is never as good as the journey itself.

Roll or fold clothes?
Not even a question, I’m a maniac folder.

Photo: Quentin Lagache


Travel Essentials:
Kizer Backpack: Never failed me in 12 years of serious road tripping.
Skates: I like to roll.
Tall frames and 80mm wheels: I like to roll faster.
2 Allen wrenches: The use of different frames should explain that one quite easily.
Shoes: For when I’m not rolling. Forget fancy shoes, mud colored ones tend to resist the abuse of music festivals and blade events a lot better.
Notebook, agenda, book, notepad and pencil: Writing stuff down, and reading what other people wrote down before you is quite fun.
Photo camera: Because setting new challenges for yourself is fun too.
Socks: One pair for each day, up to 10 days. If you’re gone for a longer period of time, bring some detergent with you. Same with briefs, same rule applies.
Tee-shirts, shirts & sweatshirts: Not every country is warm enough to let you walk around half naked in the summer.
Pants & short: Not every country is free enough to let you walk around naked.
Arcena flask: Refer to the jet lag question above.
Phone: In case you’re allowed one call to your lawyer if you end up in jail somewhere.
Swiss Army knife: Most useful present my brother ever gave to me.
Wallet & cash: Putting gas in your tank & whisky in your flask will help you go further.
Passport: Try flying to China without one and I’m sure you’ll figure out the reason.
Orange lace & feeling: Everywhere in the world, always in Roskilde.
Tooth brush & paste, tiger balm, soap, condoms & lipstick: Better take care of yourself from time to time, at least when you’re sober enough to think about that kind of things.
Pocket light: Camping without one ain’t that easy.
Lighters: So I don’t look like a complete bum when I ask people for a cigarette. Also, you should bring two, as someone will always end up stealing the first one.
Sunglasses: So I can look just like everyone else with fake Wayfarers on my face.
Sewing kit: Cheaper than to buy new pants every time I fall.
Home keys: My last bond to reality.