Travel Essentials: Brian Bina

Did you ever think of leaving everything behind for a while? Taking some of your best friends on a wild ride into the unknown? Booking a one-way ticket to the other side of the ocean without knowing where you will end up and when you’re going to be back home? Well, that’s what Brian Bina did in June, and this trip of a lifetime has taken him around Europe since. We were curious to see what the man behind Haitian Magazine is carrying around and what we could learn from this true traveller.

Photo: Dominik Wagner
Photo: Dominik Wagner

What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
Destination, nowhere. The idea was to scour through Europe for a few months and figure it out. We wanted to end up in Barcelona, but ended up here in Lyon due to Seba’s injury. We have been on the road for nearly three months, through Reykjavik, London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Roskilde, Amsterdam, Paris, and now Lyon. The trip still continues, and we are illegal here in a few days, so we have to figure that one out as well.

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?

A small roller bag. My back has gone through a lot this trip.

Favorite airport?
I hate airports, but Reykjavik Airport was pretty sweet. Any airport that doesn’t charge for internet is cool in my book.

Your trick to beat jet lag?
No jet lag.

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Leave the stress, bitching, and bad vibes at home. Don’t worry, be happy.

Roll or fold clothes?
Fold pants, stuff everything else.

Travel Essentials:

Mexican blanket: Years of abuse, my sleeping bag/yoga mat/floor pad/poncho/blanket.
Backpacks: Two. The camera bag fits inside the top compartment, clothes in the bottom, everything else goes in random pockets.
Knives: One for camping, another for everything else.
Nag Champa Oil: For those times you can’t shower.
Clothes: 3 pants, 5 lightweight shirts, socks and underwear for one week.
Scarves: My most important item. Can be used as a turban, laundry bag, picnic cloth, towel, jumprope, tourniquet, or washcloth.
Work boots: Georgia Boot work boots. They will last forever.
Skates: SSM, Create Originals, Shredweiser.
Toothbrush and beard comb: essential.
Laptop and hard drive: Negrete’s old hard drive, and a 15” mac for editing the magazine.
Passport, wallet, and change sack: Cant lose those 2euro coins.
Phone: Doesn’t work in Europe, but is wifi and camera friendly.
Stickers: To mark our territory.
Journal and books: For downtime between cities.
Water colors, pens, and pencils: For making the journal beautiful.
Video camera: Vx1000 with MK1.
Navajo Flute: My trustee flute made in New Mexico. A subway favorite.
Flashes and slaves: Two bullshit flashes, with slaves.
Lenses: 28-105mm, 40mm, Ronikon Fisheye, broken Holga lens. All bullshit.
Cameras: Canon T1i (bullshit), Canonet QL17, Ricoh Auto FF-3.
Not pictured: A plethora of chargers, adapters, tapes, films, postcards, maps, pamphlets, and junk.

Photo: Dominik Wagner