Tour Life: A Sicilian Story

In addition to the upcoming release of his much anticipated Blade Diary project, Sicilian photographer Pietro Firrincieli recently took his annual trip around the beautiful island to discover new places and scenery. Only this time, he was joined by Danish photographer & friend David Grant who took the opportunity to pay our Italian stallion a visit. Both embarked on a Vespa trip and hit the road, and fortunately, they also brought their skates along: join them for the ride, and experience Sicily like never before!

tour life - sicily - cover

Words: David Grant
Photography: Pietro Firrincieli & David Grant

Knees to the wind, knuckles in the air.

This was something different. This was not at skate tour, this was two guys setting out to experience Sicily the way the islanders claim it is supposed to be done – touring the island on scooters. But being bladers, it only comes natural to strap the skates to back of the bikes and skate whatever we hit up on our way.

Sicily is nice – weather is warm, the food is delicious and the beautiful beaches are never far away and present you with perfect campsites night after night – you are set for an unforgettable experience, as long as you don’t panic handling your scooter through the insane Italian traffic. Being from the organized and orderly northern Europe, as well as never ridden a scooter before this was quite intimidating. But with the solid advice of ‘Just do as if you where on skates‘, the mindset for swerving through the chaos was set…

From here on, it was just to embrace this beautiful island, where breakfast consists of cakes and icecream, most spots have ocean views and vast concrete monuments are built in the hilly countryside.

-David Grant

Sicily_01 Sicily_02 Sicily_03 Sicily_04 Sicily_05 Sicily_06 Sicily_07 Sicily_08 Sicily_9 Sicily_10 Sicily_11 Sicily_13 Sicily_14 Sicily_15 Sicily_16 Sicily_17 Sicily_18 Sicily_19 Sicily_20 Sicily_21 Sicily_22 Sicily_23 Sicily_24


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