Jonas Hansson of Pennon Pictures just released his Elite Series #3 VOD featuring Razors pro rider Scott Quinn, which was shot in and around Copenhagen during 2017.

Now, Scott Quinn is well known for his versatile skating abilities and Jonas was the right man to truly showcase just how extremely well rounded Quinny is. Every trick in his profile seemed to show a different layer to his diverse skill-set. Jonas and Scott also have a great chemistry in being able to find the perfect trick to accentuate the uniqueness of a skate spot. Quinn’s confidence and high level of skating allows him to conquer the most mind boggling tricks with what seems like relative ease. If it wasn’t for the B-Roll footage at the end, I wouldn’t believe he actually struggles at all. He is just that solid.

One of my favorite scenes of the video shows a clip in which could have doubled as a Razors skate advertisement. Scott is seen putting his Razors Shifts skates together and he punches the soul plate into place as a perfectly timed beat drop leads to an epic bump to royale off a drop rollercoaster style rail on a waterfront pier. The timing, execution and filming of the shot were so on-point that you want to rise from your seat and give both men a much deserved round of applause. If you were wanting an example to show an outsider just how incredible modern inline skating has become, this piece would definitely be one you would want to represent our culture.

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Instagram: @scottquinny

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