Stunt man extraordinaire Jeph Howard has long been credited as being one of the greatest skaters to ever bless a pair of inline skates and the man has FINALLY received his second pro boot from the Razors Company; in the form of a Shift model this time around. The skate was designed to Jeph’s specifications and comes stock with a green Razors Shift shell, cuff and sole, green Reign V3 Liners, white GC FLT4 frames with green block, and 8 glow-in-the-dark 60mm GC Wheels. And to top it all off, Razors has made some needed improvements to their royalty program where now Jeph & hopefully any Razors pro going forward will be receiving a $30 payout for each skate purchased from your favorite skate shop. The skates are shipping now and will likely be in shops here in the coming days.

To celebrate Jeph’s new skate, Razors has just released a sweet new promotional video which was filmed by Blake Cohen, Michael Garlinghouse, Chris Farmer and Mike Lufholm and edited by Jeph Howard himself. The video is filled with Jeph’s usual death defying stunts and technical wizardry but was cut short due to a very serious injury that Jeph sustained while filming for his new profile and has sadly left him unable to work for quite sometime. To help Jeph out a GoFundMe page has been setup to assist Jeph & his family during this difficult period. The funds will go towards the financial burden of the hospital bills, ambulance ride, custom back brace, physical therapy, and life expenses until he can return to work. We have seen the blading community come together and accomplish amazing things in the past and right now one of our champions needs our help. So please donate whatever you can so we can help Jeph get back on his feet. 100% of the money (after GoFundMe fees) will go directly to Jeph and his family. The link to the GoFundMe is here or linked in the picture below. Every little bit helps so please show Jeph some love & make a contribution today.


Featured photo: Mike Lufholm, @mike.lufholm