The recent blading antiques of Billy O’Neill, that many of you saluted with cheers, were captured for eternity not only by Miguel Ramos, but by the young gentleman called Pedro Izquierdo. Pedro is a talented photographer from Puerto Rico, who found his way back into rollerblading, and rollerblading is happy to have him back. He had the fortune to work with Billy recently, and his flattering way of showing the ruggedness and dynamics of blading really caught our eye. Instead of doing a classic interview, we decided to show you some of Pedro’s images and let you read his love letter to rollerblading.


Words and Photography: Pedro Izquierdo

I’m a 26 year old photographer, born & raised in Puerto Rico. I had the chance to witness some of the best blading on my island at a very early stage of my life, seeing Abdiel colberg and all the IMYTA comps was something special in its own sense. I have been on and off of blading for most of my life, mostly due to bad choices I had made in life,but somehow in some crazy way rollerblading always comes back to my life to make it better.

So to you Rollerblading, I owe to showcase the sport and show the world how fucking amazing and full of love this sport and it’s community is. I owe you blading,i owe you my life and with my photography I am paying you back for all the positive influences you have put unto me in life.

With my work I hope I can transcend boundaries or barriers put on in the past and showcase the sport and its lifestyle for how full of love it is.

This is my promise to you,blading.
Shout outs to EVERYONE holding it down for the blading scene in Puerto Rico,Ale(borinquen) Ray(ghetto) Welvin, Quenepo, Paul, Jona, Rafy, BULLET!, Roy, Colo, Carli quebra, Yadiel, Rafy,joey 2 times,joel,rest in peace christian(ausubo) Special Shout out to Miguel Ramos for being a godfather in the blading world,if someone truly loves this sport its this fucking guy right here! Thanks for making sure the legacy of the sport is kept alive by putting so much towards it, Miguel!

If you guys wish to buy Pedro’s prints or wallpapers contact him at [email protected]















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