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WORDS: JO ZENK, @jo.zenk

There is a great amount of research to back up the fact that, in terms of happiness and well-bring, spending your money on new experiences through traveling is much more beneficial than buying new things. That is one reason why the skating culture appeals to so many of us, it gives us a solid reason to pack up and set course for the other end of the world in hopes of connecting with other like-minded individuals such as ourselves.

Devoted skaters like Jo Zenk have invested their time and efforts into creating these memories in hopes that it will build a stronger, more unified community for us all to appreciate. We had the opportunity to speak with Jo about his very busy schedule the last twelve months and this is what the man had to say.

Rest Street Stuttgart fishbrain. Photo: Jeff Spörri

Where did you start 2019?

2019 I wanted to focus more on projects involving others and therefore possibly creating something bigger than what I could do alone. I set out to visit places that could be productive to me as well as contributing to local scene or projects. First trip was quite successful heading east to visit Bobi (Spassov) and his crew in Israel and shooting for Reign in January.

Where are you ending 2019?

End of 2K19 once again I traveled lots throughout the year. Refocusing to my health as most trips this year were unfortunately accompanied by injury. Therefore I am constantly (re-)focusing on health and now pushing things into a direction to start and do things smarter in 2020!! Excited for the next year! I have a planned first trip back to Athens in January probably followed by a few days in Latvia before Winterclash.

Favorite memories from 2019:

Athens rollerblading
Filming tons of Instagram park for @mnstrblade
First time LA

Topsoul in Los Angeles. Photo: Alex Burston, @burst.1

3 video picks you watched over and over in 2019:

I watched my boys on my hard drive to death while working on MNSTR street clips haha. Honestly I try supporting most VOD projects out there but can’t watch em like I did when videos were rare. My top watched VODs would be ‘Devotion’ by Leon and Jon and ‘Fishguys 4’.

Photo of you or taken by you that sums up 2019:
Jumping LA by Alex Burston.

Summing up 2019. Photo: Alex Burston, @burst.1

Goals accomplished in 2019:

Another broke year but without 9-5 I feel it is success. I started collaboration with Syeahskate/Nick Kouros from infamous Athens Bladehouse. First project is almost ready to release. And even though injuring myself halfway through we still got something sweet and a bit outstanding of today’s blading media to look out for in the near future. Behind the scenes I was working Ground Control in favor of the team and improve social media impact. Plus we had a very successful GC LA trip around Blading Cup which I was able to visit for the first time and I am very grateful for the experience.

Something in 2019 you wish you had done:

Everything I could to not getting injured in most trips haha. But it is what it is. No regrets.

Athens. Photo: Nick Kouros, @nicholaskouros
Fakie 360 at Real Street Stuttgart. Photo: Radek Rybnik, @bladingforever

Something that made you grow in 2019:
Injury and food

Something that kept you going throughout 2019:
Injury kept me always on the go for next opportunity to improve. I am always hungry for the next project/experience and as long as I have time and sponsors help me travel I love to push rollerblading in any way I can.

What are you looking forward to in 2020:
Love, Strength & Happiness.

Rest Street Stuttgart backside channel 1. Photo: Jeff Spörri
Athens. Photo: Nick Kouros, @nicholaskouros

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