Texas blading legend John Sullivan just turned the big four-o and to celebrate his entrance into the “F’d-Upped Forties” club he dropped an epic new street profile which he shot in the scorching heat of the Texas summer, with the help of his equally awesome wife Aarin Gates and Gino Gotelli, among others.

Sully has been skating at an incredibly high level for well over two decades now and doesn’t look to be slowing down one bit. In his newest “For-Tee” profile, John digs deep into his huge bag of tricks & lays out arguably one of his best profiles to date. And for a man as seasoned as John is, that is REALLY saying something! John took the time to answer some questions about his new profile (on his birthday of all days!) & filled us in on what all went into his new video & what a day in his life looks like. Check out what the “old man” had to say!

KL: First off thank you for taking the time to speak with us, especially on your birthday! Now, your new “For-Tee” profile just dropped today; which is freaking incredible by the way; and at the beginning of the video, it shows a flashback to some of your previous profiles in classic videos like “Names”, “City Never Sleeps” and more. I know it is hard to choose from them but out of all of your numerous profiles that you have done over the years, which is your personal favorite and why?

JS: First off thank you for the support and watching the edit, I’ve got to work with video/filming wizards so that would be a tough one but if I had to pick one would be Candy. We all had a purpose in that video and it was to hold Keaton (Newsom) down; which I think we did a damn good job doing. Everyone skated amazingly during the whole process.

KL: You have been skating at a very high level for over two decades now and I rarely ever see you injured. What are your secrets to maintaining good health and avoiding injury?

JS: No secrets really, good genetics from my parents is what’s up, lol. I thank God and epsom salt baths, also working in flooring for so many years banging up my knees and back hasn’t made it any easier. I really just try and land stuff within 5 tries. Not the best when filming and pictures but got to clock in.

KL: I remember a few years ago you saying that your Candy profile could be your last and that was probably two or three profiles ago haha! How difficult has it been with your busy schedule with work and family to still go out and huck yourself on a regular basis to film for a legit profile?

JS:  I really wanted a solo section, felt it would be a good accolade in my skating career. Every section I’ve put out has been in a video so to work on a solo project was fun. Didn’t get hurt but a couple of times. The toughest obstacle was the Texas heat. 105-degree day for most of my section. I literally would pull up to most spots, clock in, and get the clip. Luckily everything worked out well. My daughter Keatynn was a task at times, just having to leave to take her to the bathroom, or her running around in front of me or behind me, but held a special place in my heart so I wouldn’t change a thing.

KL: You just recently got back from the Colorado Road Trip, a trip you and the boys have made quite a few times now. Tell me what keeps drawing you back on the road trip every year and how hard is it to not move to Colorado after every visit?

JS: Dude we already started looking for a place in Salida, Colorado. I fall in love every year I go and big thanks to Luke Bender for that. Bringing all the dawgs together for endless memories is just something so special and proud to be a part of. Getting to catch up with your family that have moved away and don’t get to see them maybe on that trip. Can’t wait for next year, we talking about white water rafting!!!

KL: You and your wife Aarin are constantly skating together and your daughter has been skating practically since she could walk as well. Is it tough being a parent and wanting to keep them safe while also wanting them to possibly follow in your footsteps? How do you find the right balance?

JS: My Dad and brother played sports and were never really pushed on me to follow so I want the same for Keatynn, whatever she imagines in that goofy little head is what I want her to do. It would be awesome to share that passion with her like Tory (Treseder) and his son or Rachard (Johnson) and his daughter. She just did a 720! You have kids, how dope would it be if one of them did a 720? So, it would be awesome but whatever she wants to do.

KL: You are quite a busy man, with a full-time job and wife and family. What does a typical day in the life of John Sullivan look like? Give us a brief run-down of your day-to-day adventures, usually.

JS: Monday-Friday I wake up at 5:30 am every morning, drive a little over an hour to Oklahoma Texas border, and work for a flooring company providing all their flooring in the casino. Head home around 1 or 2 and get Keatynn from school. We chill for the rest of the night mostly, I love cooking so dinner is on and poppin in the kitchen. Bath for the princess after and then some Netflix or some kind of sports on. Weekends just try and skate as much as you can handle or enjoy a nice margarita and tacos. Try and do stuff with the kiddo and find time to relax.

KL: You are an OG of the Dallas skating scene, which has been home to many incredible skaters over the years. Who are some newcomers out the the DFW that the blading community should look out for?

JS: There is this kid Muneeb Akhtar (@muneebakhtar09 ) who is shredding, the kid is super cool and not worried about hanging out with the older skaters at the park. Just fits in and does his thing. He just looks like he really enjoys skating. I also really like Jesse Corona, he just has this dope style and can get super low on topsoul and stuff. I really enjoy watching his feed. 

KL: You took up photography years ago and have progressed immensely in a short time. Can you share some of your current works or projects with us and how they came about?

JS: I wish I did more projects, I work with Keaton’s mom Andra for her interior design company, Keaton Interiors. She blesses me enough with projects where I get to take my vision and have it printed and hung in high rises and apartment lobbies. I just took pictures of the Downtown skyline so hopefully, she will use them. Other than that Gino has been holding down our skate scene. He’s been constantly getting better and always wants to link up. 

KL: Again, thank you for taking the time to speak with us, birthday boy! Are there any friends or family that you would like to thank for their support?

JS: My wife big time, she is my everything. Makes life truly blessed, easy, fun, and refreshing. My daughter Keatynn for being such a trooper when we go skating. Wanna thank my Mom and Dad, Andra, and my Candy Fam love y’all so much!!! All the DFW bladers which some moved away but will always be DFW bladers and every company, shop, magazine, videographer, photographer, and anything else in rollerblading that has given me the best 25-plus years of my life. Thank you Kevin for the interview and look forward to seeing everyone for the Carriers Open in November and the Oklahoma Showdown comp in September. 

Filmed by Aarin Gates, Gino Gotelli, Chad Hornish, Josh Glowicki, Hunter Grimm.