My 2014: Elliot Stevens

2014 has been a good one. New products got released, people traveled from all over the world to visit some of the great events out there, awesome videos and edits came out and the vibe has been great in general. But of course, everyone’s got their personal favorites and we wanted to know how 2014 looked like for some of our favorite pro riders.

As the next part of our 2014 recap series, today we take a look at the year of Manchester’s Elliot Stevens. Within the last twelve months, he released an awesome LocoSkates edit, attended the Blading Cup and helped run a skate camp. But of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as Elliot actually worked on several edits, attended many more comps and traveled all over the place. See yourself: here is the list!

Photo: Sam Cooper

Interview: Johannes Jacobi
Photography: Lloyd Rimmer, Sam Cooper

My events in 2014:

MCR street comp
Slamm Jamm
Blading Cup
Locojam 10 year anniversary

My tour life in 2014:
No tours unfortunately but one of the most memorable trips we had was going to Barcelona for a week with the Ground Control team which was very exciting, as I knew Keaton Newsom my good friend from the U.S was going to be organizing things. Also we were going to be working alongside a great team of filmers.
I helped run a skate camp for Camp Rubicon down in Birmingham with Alex Burston for 2 weeks. It consisted of travelling to skateparks around the Midlands and the Northwest of England. We got to go to some of the best skateparks England has to offer, so that was a great experience.

My edits/parts in 2014:
Bones skatepark edit: Alex Burston
The Booted: Leon Humphries and myself in Amsterdam
GC Barcelona edit: Jonas Hanson
Cidylife in Berlin x The Booted
Locoskates edit: Alex Burston
Stockport Sundays
Maneuver Mondays

Cities in 2014:
Las Vegas

Countries in 2014:

Injuries in 2014:
A few cuts and bruises but nothing serious.

Any specific moment or experience that stood out in 2014?
Taking my friends (who don’t skate) to experience Summerclash and introducing them to the blading world. Winning the beer pong championship at NASS festival with my boy Carson Starnes. Filming around Manchester with my good friends. Going to America again meeting old and new friends and having another amazing trip after not going back for 2 years.

What was your worst moment in 2014?
Probably in my old job, working as a waiter in this Caribbean restaurant.

Is there such thing as the best day in 2014?
Too many to mention but on the GC trip we had an amazing day filming and then later that night there was a crew of about 30-40 bladers that skated to the top of one of the hills where you have this amazing view of Barcelona, we drank a few tinnies at the top and then skated back down each section of the hill, which was really sick at night.

Best in 2014…

Travel buddy: Alex Burston
Event: Summerclash (even when it rained it was still sick)
Country: USA
City: LA
Online edit: 4CAST
Meal: Eggslut pullpork bun
Song: Yung lean-kyoto
Girl: My girl
Blader: David Sizemore
Company: Dirt Box
Movie: The Interview
Beer: Holsten
Party: Vegas
Trick you’ve filmed: Frontside 270 bkbk 270

What’s planned for 2015 so far?
Trips: Winterclash, Barcelona, Roskilde… So far. Filming with Alex Burston, Ryan Gillett, Leon Humphries, Sam Currie. Working hard on a few projects outside of skating.

by_Lloyd rimmer
Photo: Lloyd Rimmer

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