Canadian Blade Wizard Leon Basin has been busy developing some incredible looking new Wizard Skating frames & recently released this new profile showing off their newest models, the PR 76 & PR80.

The PR concept is an evolution of their Natural Rocker (NR) design. Using 5 smaller wheels in a Progressive Rocker pattern (compared to 4 bigger wheels in a Natural Rocker) Wizard Skating created a longer frame with a shorter turning radius that feels more stable and more maneuverable. The PR frames are designed for artistic skate movements and skill development on smooth surfaces. Whereas the NR frames still work better for commuting and casual skating on all surfaces.

The PR frames seem like a perfect compliment for those that want the feeling of a Wizard frame but also the maneuverability of a shorter frame height. As you can see in the promotional video, Leon has not lost any of his smooth movements as seen in his previous Wizard skating profiles and still shows the beauty & gracefulness that has made freeskating so popular.

The Wizard PR76 and PR80 Frames will be available soon in extremely limited quantities so be sure and get your set before they are gone.

Be sure to follow Wizard Skating on their social media for more updates.

Instagram | @wizardskating

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