The always creative guys over at Express have dropped yet another entertaining video controversially titled….”Sandwiches are for Children”. S.A.F.C was filmed early this summer up in beautiful Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and features appearances from the talented Devan Stewart, Stuart Brattey, Leon Basin, AJ DeLong, Danny Beer, Tommy Chung, and Jacob Schwinghammer.

Despite their chilly Canadian surroundings, the Express boys bring the heat in their newest offering and give you more of what you have come to love from them. Whether it be the infectious tunes of Gabriel Diks’ “Discurso Revoltado” DogMan Remix, or the hypnotically stylish moves of Mr. Stuart Brattey, the inventive moves of Danny Beer to the somewhat wacky, yet still incredibly difficult tricks by Leon Basin, “Sandwiches are for Children” is for everyone, even you malnourished adults out there.

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