Julien Cudot ( @julien_cudot ) has had quite the remarkable year in 2022. From winning world titles and medals across the globe and releasing several of the years most impressive profiles, there doesn’t seem to be any stopping the French powerhouse. And now Julien has given us quite the present for the holiday season by making his ‘Heads-Up‘ profile free of charge for the blading community.

Julien had this to say about the filming process behind his landmark ‘Heads-Up‘ profile:

Since I came back from my ACL injury in 2020 and went back aggressive skating full mode, I often find myself in Nantes at Le Hangar skatepark. I imagined more and more big tricks there without doing even one. However I decided I would do a very high level video there one day .

Coming back from South America at the end of January this year, I was in good shape and took the decision to get this thing done, fast. I organized a 6 days trip in Nantes with my old time friend Cedric Freire De Araujo as a cameraman . At this time, I thought it would be done in 5 days of skating in a row, nonetheless I wasn’t sure about final releasing mode of the video. Pretty fast through the week, I understood it would take more stays there to record all I planned, that it would be tough to film it all with an IPhone and that I’d surely not be selling it. Knowing I still managed to stack 3 or 4 good tricks from my initial list, I remained relatively optimistic and satisfied.

Back in Paris, i asked Thomas Dalbis with whom I was editing my South America videos if he was keen on taking part of the project and come with us next time. He was juiced and the three of us went back there pretty fast. I started to land some of the biggest tricks on my list with a fair ending thanks to Thomas, his gear and Cedric. After this trip it was way more productive, Thomas became the official cameraman and editor of the project and we decided to release it as a VOD.

Two more trips were added, counting 4 in total among one blank. The last trip was an emotional one, I landed as the first trick of the first day the biggest trick from my list. A trick I had many doubts about its do-ability and its dangerousness. Then the second day after a productive session, I saw for the first time the end and I rushed in one of the last lines to shoot ; I was instantly called to order and took a gnarly fall which ended the trip and the whole project, finally.

Julien Cudot

If Julien’s goal for ‘Heads-Up‘ was to create one of the most diverse and impressive park profiles ever created, he definitely succeeded! From huge disaster spins to grinds, highly technical switchups and humongous gaps, “Heads-Up’ delivers the goods and shows that Jules is in an elite class of skaters that can skate anything, at any given time, and make it look absolutely beautiful in the process.

Featured photo: Clement Barbaza, @__buffle__