The homies at Syeahskate recently announced their new team additions and the amazing Jo Zenk was one of the stellar members added to their team. Now Jo and Nick Kouros have released this incredible video titled “Reflections” where Jo gives his personal take on his skating process, from avoiding injury, conserving energy and focusing his mind to land his desired tricks. It is an incredibly insightful video that is equally informative as it is entertaining.

Jo spent only one week rollerblading in Athens with director Nick Kouros to produce this amazing piece and the pair really outdid themselves. Once again, Jo comes through with his signature channel grinds, unbelievable technicality and an inhuman ability to push through pain in order to land his tricks. Check out what Jo and Nick put together!

Music by :Bruises & Cuts, sound design & mix by Jeff Gonzales, grading by Nick Kouros, art by Pemy Masouridi with additional camera assistance by Nicholas Cornford, Maria Koutroumpi & Nikos Diakoumeas.

Be sure to check out Nick’s personal site as well as follow Jo and Syeahskate on their Youtube channels and drop a few bucks in Jo’s Patreon while you are at it!


Jo Zenk:


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