The Jet Lag Disciples present ‘Mzansi’, the full length film shot over the course of two weeks in Cape Town, South Africa. Mzansi was filmed by Travis Stewart and Taylor Bredfield, with additional filming by Ryan Strauss and Jon Fromm as well as edited by Travis Stewart.

Mzansi features skating by Jarrod Banning, Jon Fromm, Pascal Tan, Grant Hazelton, Taylor Bredfield, Ryan Buck Strauss, Marco Giehm, Evert Lubja, Travis Stewart, Kyle Strauss, and guest starring Chris van der Merwe, Frank Joubert, and members of the South Africa skate crew.

The unique pairing of the highly diverse Jet Lag crew makes for quite an entertaining watch as all the guys bring something unique and fresh to the table. From Jon Fromm‘s highly tech blading, Pascal Tan‘s smooth and stylish moves, Grant‘s always fresh approach to spot selection and Jarrod Banning‘s fast paced hammers; the boys all bring their A-game and put a serious beating on some absolutely beautiful South African street spots. And I would also like to go on the record and say that Evert Lubja is one of the most underrated skaters in the blade game and his clips were extremely progressive and dripping with style and creativity. His shots were definitely some of the most notable standouts in the video. So cheers, Evert!

The Jet Lag boys being the good guys that they are, will also be accepting PayPal donations via and any money they collect will go straight to Chris van der Merwe‘s organization, Christian Skaters Africa. Chris was an integral part in making their trip possible, and they want to give back to Chris and the cause he supports during this trying time.

You can find more information about CSA here:…

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