Insight: Yuto Goto

Truth be told, it is not too often that one will see two Japanese bladers highlighted at the very top of this very website, both at the very same time. Matter of the fact, throughout blading’s short history, the tiny island has only produced a handful of skaters that successfully went past the country’s liquid borders. Be it Chiaki Ito with Salomon fifteen years ago, or Soichiro Kanashima with Valo nowadays, these smooth killers’ impeccable style is a rarity export.

However, since a remarked appearance at Blading Cup during his first trip to the US ever, and the release of his profile in the self produced video #Next, Yuto Goto has brought some serious attention to himself. Not to mention the fact that he managed to win Pow Wow, stepping up to end David Sizemore’s winning streak! This feature is not only a statement: it is also a great personal pleasure to have the champion of the new Japanese generation stand next to one of the best vert riders to ever represent the country. Here we present to you, Yuto Goto.


Photography: Kazuharu Morita
Portraits: Soichiro Kanashima & Toru Shirai

Full name: Yuto Goto

Age: 20

Blading since: 10 years old

Born: Okayama, Japan

Currently living in: Okayama, Japan

Sponsors: Soul Vision Works, Valo brand, MFT brand, MOMO wheels, GC, Southern Scum, Anticipator

Setup: Valo V13, MOMO Blue Eyed Ninja wheels, Themgoods Abec 7 bearings

Relationship status: In a relationship

First ever pair of blades: Razors Genesys

First ever video you’ve watched: Killerboots

Favorite Pro: Jon Julio, Alex Broskow, Mike ‘Murda’ Johnson

Favorite AM: Japanese blader Eiji Sakihara, he’s a very sick blader!


Favorite Artist: Kana Nishino (Japanese)

Worst Artist: nothing

Favorite food: Sushi

Worst food: Pumpkin

Best Job: Just blading

Worst Job: Working on chippy and no holiday

Favorite City: My town, and Orange County

Worst City: Nothing

Favorite terrain to blade: Wall Rail

Worst injury: Injury on both knees

Best Trip in 2014: I went to Santa Ana last November for Blading Cup. Got to skate street, got to skate park, etc. Such a fun trip!

Last trip: My best trip

Next trip: I’m going to go to Florida to attend Pow-Wow 2015!

Next video part you’re filming for: I’m working on some internet clips, and street videos.

How’s the scene like in your city of Okayama, and in Japan in general?
The bladers my age are shredding, especially in my home town, Okayama city.

You seem to be pretty involved, be it by making your own video #Next, or being part of the mysterious MFT brand. What projects have you been involved with lately?

How is it skating and being around such an influential blader as Soichiro ? Did he help you grow into the blader that you are today?
He was like my coach the first few years after I started blading. At the moment, we are boosting each other up! He does have a lot of influence on me, still.

You were at the Blading Cup this year, how was the event, and the whole experience for you ? Was it your first time traveling to the USA?
It gave me feelings which can not be experienced skating in Japan… Blading with a lot of skaters stimulated me. It was an amazingly great opportunity.

Japan is a pretty remote scene, how is your perception of blading in the rest of the world ? What would you say are the most striking similarities and differences?
The main similarity is how enthusiastic the skaters are. The difference… Well, the street spots are not that good in Japan.

What’s next for you, any new projects you are working on, competitions you want to go, etc?
I wanna go overseas more often. Want to visit the US as well.

Any last words of wisdom, thank you’s or shoutouts?
I’m planing to do something big like #NEXT, so keep your eyes on me!


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