Kizer Frames announced their newly revamped team which consists of the trio of John Bolino, Eugen Enin & Yuto Guto, three of the best bladers of this generation. To reveal the new squad to the world, the boys set a course for the Big Apple to capture them doing what they do best, in one of the most coveted skating sites possible. The skaters hit the bustling streets of NYC, weaving in and out of traffic & dodging pedestrians left & right as they effortlessly executed their tricks against the backdrop of the city that never sleeps.

Peep what the Kizer team threw down in their newest montage video titled “Cyberzone Crisis“, which starts out like a retro sci-fi movie and for some reason brings a nostalgic comparison to Senate Wheel’s iconic team video “Standfast“, dating back to the late 90’s. Peep the powerhouse team at work!