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Andy Plumridge gets an honorary badge of valor from Be-Mag for submitting this incredible piece of rollerblading trickery. While you will find Andy’s description of the video below, we at Be-Mag have to add that this is one of the best free videos in the last couple of years, up there with Master Splinter, One For The Road and Watchdagame. Watch it.

Showcasing “aggressive” inline skating, “Leftovers” is a short film documented from 2010-2016 by Jarrod Thackeray, Andy Plumridge and friends. Shot mostly in Melbourne it also features skating in regional Victoria, Perth, Sydney, Canberra and New York City.

“After years of filming and contributing footage to other projects such as Valo Brand’s “V” and Jarrod Thackeray’s “ZIGZAG”, we were left with substantial footage that had yet to be utilised. We are keen to share this with you.”
Featuring skating by Gav Drumm, Matthias Ogger, Robbie Pitts, Harrison Grieg-Hurtig, Paul Brock, Andy Plumridge, James Godbehear, Jarrod Thackeray, Tien Nguyen, Tom Coley-Sowry and more.

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