Another day, another incredible contest from our Russian comrades! Our good friend Boris Gaisner organized the EMBILY Battle For Gold competition at the Rampstroy House skate park. The contest featured fifteen invited pros along with thirty amateurs who battled it out for a for a huge cash prize.

The event was a huge success which featured four different contests, prize raffles, cash for tricks, a Chance of Rain 3 premiere and an appearance by Roces professional Bobi Spassov. We hope to see more of these events from them in the future, it seems like a unique format for a contest with many different aspects to keep the crowd thoroughly entertained all day.

PHOTO: Ahtoh Selone, @selshot
PHOTO: Ahtoh Selone, @selshot
PHOTO: Ahtoh Selone, @selshot

Be sure to follow Embily: Battle for Gold on their social media accounts for updates on upcoming contests.

Instagram: @embily.battleforgold

Facebook: Embily.battleforgold

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