Dominik Wagner

Camp Life: Billy O’Neill

Imagine… Imagine you are visiting this music festival in northern Europe. A music festival that is supposed to be one of the best in the world, with space for 131.000 people, 7 stages and 166 bands.

Imagine you just had that early morning conversation with Richie Eisler and you are on your way back to the campsite. You are passing the vert ramp to watch some of the world’s best street riders having a session, working on their airtime. Your chilling in the grass and to your right there is Billy O’Neill hanging out with a Danish cutie enjoying the sun and life in general.

Wait… this guy is here, living the camp life just like you are? Yeps, take a look yourself.


Text: Johannes Jacobi
Photos: Dominik Wagner

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Top 5 things about camping
– Homies
– Chicks
– Beers
– Chicks
– More chicks

Top 5 things about Roskilde
– Music
– Babes
– Energy levels
– Drunk homies
– Skating with friends


Top 5 essentials
– Beers
– Sleeping bag
– Contraception
– Weed
– Matthias St. John

Bands I want to see at Roskilde
– Stones
– Wizard
– Stevie!!
– Phil Anselmo