The U.K legend Blake Bird has returned with an absolutely incredible new video profile which was filmed and edited by Tom Sharman with filming assistance from Jamie Harris and Jon Lee. Blake explained what kept him from the blading limelight the last few years and also why this profile is so important to him. Check out what Blake had to say.

” I thought my days of filming full sections were over a few years ago as my mind was in a dark place due to heavy boozing most days and doing quite a lot of drugs. As I’m sure many people know, when your mind is in that dark place it can really damage your passion for blading. I was still doing it quite a lot, but it was really just to keep me sane.”

“After making some big changes to my life, I rediscovered my love for something that has saved my life, not only as an adult but a number of times as a kid as well. Blading has made me the person I am today, and shaped my life. If someone had told 13-year-old me that skating would not only still be a huge part of my life at 38 but also would’ve taken me around the world and given me to opportunity to meet the most wonderful people and some of my best friends I would never have believed it. This is my love letter to blading and a section I am truly proud of, that me and Tom put a lot of work and heart into, and I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it, even if my back is still seriously complaining.”

“I would like to thank Blade Club for supporting me and showing an old guy some love. I would also like to thank Jamie Harris and Tom Sharman for following me around London and being two great dudes also Jon Lee for being a melt. And last of all my wonderful girlfriend Emily for teaching me how to love myself a lot more than I used to.” – Blake Bird

We are incredibly happy for Blake in overcoming his personal demons and re-discovering his passion for blading. As his new profile shows, Blake is skating better than ever and we hope that means more inspiring sections like this in the future!


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