Sam Crofts (@sam_crafty) has been awarded a brand new skate from USD in an updated black and white version of his incredibly popular and eye-catching skinned 60mm Aeon model and Sam teamed up with videographer extraordinaire Jon Lee for a monstrous new profile titled “Tune In” to show them off.

Sam Crofts set the bar incredibly high for skate promos since dropping his epic profile for his last signature skate and somehow Sam has outdid himself once again as he has dropped one of the most stunt heavy profiles ever released. From stomping massive stair sets, lacing gnarly drop rails and ledges and conquering some of the biggest transfers done, this should hopefully silence any of the older blade heads who incessantly spout that there isn’t enough “hammers” in modern skate media as this profile could rival the best of any eras level of skating.

Yes, it is that good!

Sam goes into detail about his newest skate model and the recent upgrades that have been made to them:

“For my third pro skate from USD I’ve designed another skinned Aeon 60. In an effort to make my skate more sustainably sourced I’ve this time chosen a Vegan / PU leather. I’ve been extensively testing various types of Vegan / PU leather skins over the course of the last 18 months and I’m very confident what we’ve come up with is even better than the real suede/leather used on my previous skate. I was fortunate that the release of this skate coincided with the release of my first aftermarket pro MyFit second skin liner, which will also come with this skate as standard. The liner follows the same classic MyFit second skin silhouette, but has been constructed with upgraded materials; a super hardwearing vegan suede exterior to prevent any holes caused by abrasion or pressure points from the inside of the skate to give the liner an extended life. I added a very comfy recall innersole for extra comfort on longer session and I rounded it off with a classic 14 wale corduroy top to match my favourite pants, embroidered with my signature geometric fox. We also upgraded the wheels, the skate now comes with the premium Undercover Apex 60mm wheels and Wicked Abec 9 bearings for super fast bowl and park skating, making this my fastest and highest spec pro skate yet! ”

– Sam Crofts

Film/edit: Jon Lee. Filming assistance from Joe Spray, Luke Thompson and James Bower. Photo: Tom Sharman