Blade Check with Erik Stokley

Erik Stokley is living in Oakland and is part of the Shredwiser Crew.
His way of blading reflects that… and his ride even more. Take a look yourself…

(Pictures by Thea Stamatelos)

Boot: AB/VX Valo shell toe cut with chopped up EB.1 skins
Wheels: street artist team wheels 56/92
Bearings: Some shitty abec 3’s i pulled off of a pair of rec skates on the side of the road
Frames: Create Originals black
Liner: AB/VX Valo Liner
Cuff: Valo
Buckle: Chrome Roces memory lock
Souls: White Valo 3 piece
Back slides plate: White Valo 3 piece

Describe your personal black set up: I like to cut the toes on my shell so i can size down and achieve maximum comfort/ control on the blades, and a stripped bailey skin because it looks very simple and rad. Aj was kind enough to hook me up with some Street Artist wheels while the new Shredweiser wheels are getting made. I ride flat because rolling around feels fucking awesome, and the Create Originals frames allow me to never stick on grinds due to the superior groove. The ab.vx liner is quite possibly the most comfortable liner I’ve ever used and its very simple. I just like to keep my skates as sleek, simple and solid as i can.

Which parts do you wear through the quickest: Definitely soul plates and frames. I do a lot of cess slides and i like to grind really rough shit.

Which parts do you break most often: None!

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking: None my skates are solid as shit.

What spares/ tools do you keep in your back pack: Beers.

Where do your parts go when you’re done with them: To the homies, but usually my parts are too worn do to give to anyone.

Flat or freestyle: Flat as hell!

Any plans to change your current setup: Not really my skates are pretty ideal right now; feeling great.