2019 has been one of the strongest years for inline skating since it’s golden years set way back in the late 1990’s. From the countless contests that were organized around the world, to the grassroots tours among tight knit friends and skating related camps and demos that occurred, blading has never felt so vibrant as it is currently.

One of the individuals that has taken the initiative to use their influence and expertise to pay it forward to the next generation of skaters has been the charismatic Brian “BFree” Freeman. BFree is beloved among the skating community for his easy-going nature and his mind blowing skating skills, but this year Brian used those traits to create his own instructional skating classes dubbed the “BFree Blading Academy”. Brian has worked within his community to teach the next generation the fundamentals of inline skating but he has also taught the positive attributes that come with dedicating yourself to a lifestyle that is as healthy for your body as it is in building your confidence. We were lucky to talk with Brian & he gave us a rundown of one of his biggest years so far.

Vertical soul stall Photo: Erick Garcia, @esgvisuals
Where are you ending 2019 :
I’m ending 2019 on a positive note that this year has been an important year not only for blading but my family as well. Life is a gift. I believe taking chances and following your Path of Heart is important and that’s where I am today. Taking chances that are best for my family and following what I love to do. Making the decision to work for myself and start a business has been the biggest change for me. 100% all in. Blading has been on a great vibe this year with so many new people skating and old bladers coming back. I’m excited to see what the next decade has in store for all of us.

Favorite memories from 2019:
Starting The BBA Academy (BFree Blading Academy) 

Spots traveled to in 2019:
New York , Seattle, Africa 

Playlist that sums up 2019 ( list your favorite jams from 2019):

Curren$y- Airborne Aquarium 
Lil Baby -Freestyle
Young Thug – HOT
Travis Scott – Highest in the Room
Miles Davis -Sketches of Spain
Bob Marley – Cap Fit 
Skip Marley – That’s Not True
Zro the Mo City Don – Ride Tonight 
Jimi Hendrix- If 6 was 9 
Lightning Hopkins- Shotgun Blues
Dillion Cooper – State of Elevation 
Caleborate – 4 Willem 

3 video picks you watched over and over in 2019:

e by Dom West
Julian Bah – Bladergang by Erod
Alex Broskow (anything)

Photo that best describes your 2019:

Goals accomplished in 2019:

Being able to start something that will help grow blading and also going to Africa was a big deal for me this year. Beyond grateful for this year.

Something in 2019 you wish you had done:
Travel More.

Something that made you grow in 2019:
Starting a Business.

Something that kept you going throughout 2019:
My Family and all the support from our community, the #LetsGetItForever movement growing everyday all over the world.

What are you looking forward to in 2020:
More Blading. 🏿

Gap to backside backslide. Photo: Erick Garcia, @esgvisuals

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